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    I spent only one (1) year in solitary confinement and the effects where numerous. Sensory deprivation was only part of the story . Extreme anxiety, irritability, and a general sense of hopelessness parlayed  into a cacophony of confusion. I have yet to fully extricate myself – nearly a decade later. 

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    We live in a police state. Inside the prisons and out. 

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      i’ve been thinking of you — so glad to see you

      and Yes

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        I’ve been thinking about you ones too. Life is a little hectic
        right now but, as always, I so deeply respect this work you are doing.


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    Just a note here to recommend the book Laura Magnani and the late, great Harmon Wray wrote challenging our prison system:  “Beyond Prisons: A New Interfaith Paradigm for Our Failed Prison System.”


    This is a beautiful and powerful argument – affiliated with a Quaker organization, and we all know that Quakers played a foundational role in creating the penitentiary in the United States – that pulls together and blasts  all of the brutalizing, violent themes of what we call “justice by imprisonment” in this country today.

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    Great series. Glad to see it carrying on here.

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    powerful post , Victoria.  As we become more advanced technologically we seem to be losing some of our humanity.  This is important information..Thank you

    • “As we become more advanced technologically we seem to be losing some of our humanity.”

      this is so true… we become more and more removed

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      hey, beachbabe, amen.

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      Meatless Monday Proposal — Judge’s Selection MIT Climate Colab Winner


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        Woo-hoo!  Cheers for the Meatless Monday proposal and Judge’s Selection!

        It was a weird site to try to vote on, but I tried!  I’m JeanWest in the supporters.

        Great work, beachbabe (and Nancy and whoever else).

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          thanks for support Kay!   It’s definitely a weird site..gave me all sort of problems..but then it’s MIT!

          • the Judge’s Commendation is great :)

            you will have to keep us posted on your trip to the UN

            this is so wonderful — for  million reasons!

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            just received email the UN briefing is Jan. 24 and they are trying to schedule the US congress on the same week.  Don’t know when it will be in Treehugger.   We’re going to have a veggie world!!! woo hoo!

          • Yes!! to all of it :)

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            well, I’m not even wholly veggie yet – but you spur me on!  Woo-hoo! 

    • Thanks beachbabe!

  • Thank you for this post, Nancy!  It is so important to bring awareness to Pelican Bay and all prisoners.

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    Victoria, this is so powerful; thank you for helping to reveal the depth and breadth of the use of extended solitary confinement as a routine form of violence and torture in U.S. prisons.

    I worked for many years with Laura Magnani of AFSC – wasn’t in SF with her, but we have been comrades through the years on many criminal injustice issues. 

    It’s time the liberal/left/progressive spectrum took this seriously and didn’t act as though it were a new phenomenon.

    • one more time…

      excellent video from AFSC


    • Thanks Kay. We have a way to go, for sure. I’m heartened by the increased attention and mobilization around the issue.

      • yes!

        I  also appreciates the connections that Solitary Watch is making with issue related to Death Row

        this is a powerful piece  —

        Dispatches form Hank Skinner


        “In this place you cannot have anything, say anything, see
        anything, know anything, do anything, be anything, hear anything or enjoy
        anything. It’s beyond being merely inhumane; locus es terribilis iste! – “this
        place is terrible!” Some of you might be quick to say “well, they’re capital
        murderers and they shouldn’t have anything anyway”. To you I would say, again,
        not all of us are guilty but besides that, our court sanctioned punishment is
        DEATH; we forfeit our very lives for the crimes we’re accused of, so we
        shouldn’t have to forfeit more, extra-judicially, in the meantime just because
        others want to make us suffer. If you believe otherwise, then you are the very
        thing you accuse us of being: a remorseless, vile, sociopathic killer. The mark
        of a civilized society is supposed to be it’s ability to rise above the baser
        instincts of animalistic terror. If you wish to visit that upon us, you are not
        part of civilized society. It is that same society which condemns such actions
        by sentencing people to death who commit them… i.e. again, you become the
        ‘monster’ you loathe…”

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        Yes, I am, too, Vikki.  This is an important moment.

        • Oh, I hadn’t seen that! Thanks for pointing it out!

  • Thank you Victoria for continuing to shine a light on the horrors of solitary confinement

    Yes Pelican Bay is just the tip of that ice berg and yes solitary is just the tip of the troubles to be found with the pic..

    May this be a way forward

    • Anonymous

      Indeed.  It really is so hard to fathom that any sentient being would consider it reasonable rather than cruel and clearly unusual punishment.

    • Thank you Nancy for hosting this! We should do what we can to connect these struggles and not see SAMs as somehow separate  from long-term solitary confinement for non-Muslim  prisoners or vice versa. Too often, prison justice activists and social justice organizers allow ourselves to get splintered into thinking that some aspects of the PIC are not really our concern…

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        serious amen to this, Vikki.

      •  amen

        and thanks to Seeta for this incredible space