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    Though I don’t visit the GOS anymore, a friend linked me to a comment by another friend, and I want his letter to Keren Handel spread far and wide. Please help this letter spread, well, like a virus:

    …my note to Karen Handel…

    (21+ / 0-)

    …of the Susan G. Komen foundation…
    Hi Karen Handel,
    Guess what?  I have throat cancer caused by “going down” on women.  I
    am 54 years old.  There is NOTHING in my life-style choices, diet or
    exercise regime that has anything to do with why I have throat cancer.
     And men in their mid-50’s are experiencing this right now.  It peaks in
    men at age 60.  This is really a new phenomenon…and it’s just hitting
    men now!
    Men get this from women primarily.  It’s HPV.  There are over 200
    types of HPV…40 of which are suspected of causing cervical
    cancers…and now, tonsillar cancer in men.  10 percent of all people
    who have HPV will develop cancer from it.  Think about that Karen.  As
    you are well aware, HPV takes 25-30 before it produces cancer.  Until
    now, HPV was primarily seen as a major cause of cervical cancer.  Thank
    God cancer screening for cervical cancer has gone on for decades.
     Imagine, Karen, what that has contributed to this world.
    Think about it this way Karen…There are 200 different viruses that
    cause the common cold.  Have you ever had a cold in your life?  How
    many?  What if 10% of everyone who ever had a common cold ended up
    getting cancer 25-30 years later?
    Seven percent of all high school kids have HPV in their mouths, which
    means in their tonsillar tissue.  This means high school kids can and
    are getting HPV now merely by deep kissing.  
    Do you understand the hugeness of this Karen?  Do you also know that
    high school kids have oral sex like no generation before because they
    believe it to be “safe” because it can’t cause a pregnancy.  
    To see tweets by you on the “cry me a freaking river” thread shows
    who you truly are.  You have taken a normal health issue of tremendous
    importance…screening for cervical cancer…and made it a political
    issue.  YOU, Karen.
    WELL, cervical tissue and tonsillar tissue are VERY similar…and NOW
    HPV is just emerging as the biggest cause of men NOW getting throat
    Your decision to defund cancer screening at Planned Parenthood
    clinics is absurd, repugnant and more than anything immoral.  This is
    NOT only a matter of women’s health you are harming, but MEN’S health
    This is NOT a “political” issue, as your “cry me a freaking river” minions claim.  This is a HEALTH ISSUE for WOMEN and MEN!
    I will be going through “hell.”  I’ve had surgery and next I’ll have
    seven weeks of daily radiation and three rounds of chemotherapy which
    will have to be done over a 24 hour period in the hospital because the
    chemo will be so toxic to my kidneys that I will have to be monitored
    round the clock while receiving the chemo.  I will lose my ability to
    swallow.  I will not be able to eat and will only survive the treatment
    for my throat cancer by having a tube punched into my stomach from  my
    left side so syringes of guck can be pushed into me.  I’ve been told the
    pain will be so great, I’ll have to have morphine every hour for two
    Do you understand what you are actually doing Karen by defunding
    cancer screening at Planned Parenthood Clinics?  Actions themselves all
    have intent behind them.  Is the intent behind your action born of
    empathy and benevolence for all?  Or is the intent behind your action
    born of something much less?  
    Your intention is all that matters…and remember…your illusionary power is as temporary as your life is.  
    There are two ways to be: caring, kind, compassionate and connected…OR…egoic, selfish and separate.
    You have a huge opportunity now before you.  What will you do?  Are you still able to feel your moral compass?
    We will see if you are part of the greater community…or not.  And I
    will tell you what you already know…that is all that matters.
     Nothing else means a thing.

    “Ignorance is bliss only for the ignorant. The rest of us must suffer the consequences.”

    by paradise50 on Thu Feb 02, 2012 at 10:10:54 AM PST