• conlakappa

    Tell it.

    • @conlakappa Hey Sis! Glad you made it by.

      • conlakappa

        @Robinswing Glad to have made it! Anyone figure out a way to get the word out through the national and local parties to mobilize? Feels like mass-scale registration is considered passe or something. It is especially dangerous if people aren’t going to vote in uncontested primaries–now is the time to find out one’s vote status.

        • @conlakappa Working on some ideas on how to mobilize.

  • KayWhitlock

    Yes! Cheering every word you say, Robinswing.

    We are in a showdown. With absolute tenacity, relentless persistence, and love, we will help that moral arc of the universe keep bending toward justice – powerfully, and with spirit.

    So happy to see you.

    • @KayWhitlock Indeed Sistah Kay! It is on! Always glad to see you.

      • KayWhitlock

        @Robinswing I’m more than ready for this. It may be the fight of my lifetime. And here’s Mavis Staples to remind us that struggle is a lifetime commitment.


        • @KayWhitlock We are indeed ready. And able. And willing. The fire this time.

  • Amazinggrace1

    And the church says Amen……..

    • @Amazinggrace1 Hey Sis!

      You gotta love Bible quoting and cussin” LOL

      • Amazinggrace1

        @Robinswing @Amazinggrace1

        Do you boo LOL

  • Domino14

    Great post Robinswing and good to see you back

    • @Domino14 Good to see ya. I am glad to be back on the block.LOL

  • Hey!

    Been too long! Glad to be back and thrilled at the work you folks have been doing.

    • @Robinswing So happy to see you! Happy Mardi Gras and hear hear to everything you said!

      • @Seeta Sis!

        Forgot about Mardi Gras…Is today Fat Tuesday?

        • @Robinswing It is indeed! Got to run off so that I can bring home the bacon later. Hold down the fort — have a good one! Great to have you back!

        • @Seeta Bring home the whole ham…LOL Be Blessed!

  • Ride On!!

    Thank you and Amen!

    so great to see you Robinswing — breathe of fresh air – always

    • @nancy a heitzeg learning how this works. First reply was meant for you Sis Nancy!