The Further “Whitening” of Higher Education??? Supremes to Hear Affirmative Action Case

February 22, 2012 at 12:15 pm by: nancy a heitzeg Category: Anti-Racism, Civil Rights, Corrupt Judiciary, White Privilege

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From The New York Times:

By agreeing to hear a major case involving race-conscious admissions at the University of Texas, the court thrust affirmative action back into the public and political discourse after years in which it had mostly faded from view. Both supporters and opponents of affirmative action said they saw the announcement — and the change in the court’s makeup since 2003 — as a signal that the court’s five more conservative members might be prepared to do away with racial preferences in higher education.

The consequences of such a decision would be striking. It would, all sides agree, reduce the number of African-American and Latino students at nearly every selective college and graduate school, with more Asian-American and white students gaining entrance instead.

See also: Grutter v. Bollinger

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This does not bode well. Even as the Supreme Court rules - and I am not hopeful - we must get bolder in our visions and our organizing. While the courts are incredibly important, it is always a mistake to imagine that their actions will give us real justice in any realm. The creation of real justice requires deeper, grassroots community work on our part.