• KayWhitlock

    I signed it – and this morning, my local newspaper says the U.S. Justice Department is going to investigate.  There apparently is some community meeting happening in the town in Florida where Trayvon Martin was shot.
    We’ll see what transpires. 

  • trashablanca

    I signed it as well. I was out the other evening, rummaging in my truck, which I had parked outside my house on a side street. LA County Sheriffs saw me, stopped, and hit me with their spotlight. They asked me what I was doing and I told them I was looking for a book. I asked them if they wanted to see some ID, and they said, That’s all right, You don’t fit the profile of a car thief.
    Yet Trayvon Wilson lay dead because a creepy scared white man thought he looked suspicious and decided to shoot him.

  • Domino14

    Signed it. 
    This is beyond insane..