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  • Excellent work as usual.

    •  @Robinswing thanks Robinswing
      so glad to have SistahSpeak back full force :)

  • rubyr

    Thank you for this important diary, Nancy. I am in such a rage over what happened to Trayvon Martin in Florida and the fact that that murderous bigot that shot him is walking around free that I can hardly read. 
    So sad to me that that awful prison is in the most beautiful land of my roots. Tragic and awful.
    Early or late, CI rules!!! Thanks again.

    • KayWhitlock

       @rubyr hey, rubyr, great to see you!  Yes, the vigilante killing of Trayvon Martin is horrific.  Shot to death by a Neighborhood Watch captain.  “Get tough” saturates the very air we breathe.

    •  @rubyr i am with you ruby — on all counts

  • KayWhitlock

    We look.  And then we turn away.  In between, we occasionally deplore and say “they” should do something about it.
    But there is no “they.”  WE must be the ones.  Even if they were so inclined, the politicians couldn’t do it by themselves.  Huge cultural change – and this would be huge – must be rooted in grassroots community support sufficient to withstand the howls and screams of profit-producers who traffic in confined bodies – especially bodies of people of color.
    Nancy, this is prophetic.  Thank you.

    • ScottieThomaston

       @KayWhitlock Couldn’t agree more: “WE must be the ones.”

      • KayWhitlock

         @ScottieThomaston Hey, scottie!  Racing today, but I owe you an email.  Can I catch up with you tomorrow?  Sending love.

        • ScottieThomaston

           @KayWhitlock Sure! That’s fine, I understand. I’m really slacking off too (especially as far as being over here more often, or at all…) but hope to be more free soon.

        •  @ScottieThomaston  @KayWhitlock hey no more slacking :)
          great to see you scottie

    •  @KayWhitlock Yes — We Are The Ones W HAve Been Waiting For..
      June Jordan had it right
      thanks for being here — always kay

  • as usual, thanks for the insightful article.
    have a great time with hans!

  • sorry CI is up early today .
    I am in San Fran — headed across the Bay Bridge in search of Hans Bennet/Prison Radio.
    Comment as you can or will and i will check in later.
    we will be back to our regular posting time next week — 6 pm Central

    • KayWhitlock

       @nancy a heitzeg Give my love and cheers to Hans!

    •  @nancy a heitzeg Thanks Nancy! Powerfully written!

      •  @Seeta hey Seeta — thanks as always for hosting :)