• ron

    You idiots think he shouldn’t have a weapon with the threats made against him. He will be found not guilty and a very rich man very soon. You want a cause try chicago where 532
    blacks killed by blacks last year. you are fools led by sharptack and jackass
    (sharpton and jackson)

  • ron

    Trayvon was a thug who did and sold drugs. his main drug of choice was LEAN robitussin mixed with watermelon drink and skittles. He was just another druggy looking for trouble.
    He got killed before he could kill another. All the case against him is lies. Just a bunch of folks wanting to cash in on his death. W8 was 16 then 18 and complete story made up.
    Crump and company fooled ya;lls asses

  • Wow!I wish something one of these so-called officials did surprised me.  Just once.

  • KayWhitlock

    This was a contemporary lynching, and the official response from local and state authorities just gets worse and worse.  ALEC and NRA “Stand Your Ground” laws provide the legal pretext for lynching Trayvon Martin and how many more?
    If we don’t make this a turning point, we are fools – dangerous fools. 

    •  @KayWhitlock you are right – as usual kay
      i didn’t realize tha 22 staes had such laws..
      Yes — ye another version of “legalized lynching”