Do you understand the difference between acting in the heat of the moment, and issuing a cold calculated message urging others to engage in actions which are very likely to result in someone experiencing bodily harm? Given that Zimmerman has been threatened by so many people since the shooting, he may well be armed, and it may not be Zimmerman who winds up getting hurt if someone follows up on the Panthers' offer.  Wanna be vigilantes, innocent by-standers, who knows? 

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 @iamnotaguest "Acting in the heat of the moment " - ahhh, perhaps like Zimmerman being told by the police that he "didn't need to" follow Trayvon Martin, but Zimmerman did, anyway?  Too bad the police didn't issue as clear an edict to Zimmerman, and hold him to the same set of standards they want to hold the New Black Panthers to.


Oh, and BTW, I think the New Black Panthers gig has been phony from the start.  Wouldn't be surprised if right-wing money weren't behind their little adventures that somehow are ALWAYS cited by right-wingers and white people who seek to be scared by black people as somehow the real measurement for injustice. 

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 @iamnotaguest Your remarks indicate that you did not read the article located at The Root in its entirety.  This is an issue of selective prosecution and enforcement based on race, not an issue of advocating vigilantism.