• Chilli

    Thank you Professor Heitzeg and all that have supported my poem.  In a frenzy of anger and sadness, I put together what I learned in my Sociology and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity classes.  This is the first time that I have been blunt about the racial inequalities in the system in my pieces.  Although I believe that people should be reasonable and not jump to the race inequality right away…. I absolutely believe that t people should stop avoiding race talk in this Post-racial society.  The only way to dismantle it is to confront it.  I hope that my art eventually becomes more than an awareness outcry… and instead a political advocate for social justice.
    — Chia (Chilli) Lor

    •  The only way to dismantle it is to confront it.
      Amen — No Justice No Peace
      thanks again Chia..

  • Too many ugly truths in this powerfully written poem.  Thank you Chia Lor for capturing the anguish and pain felt when violence is committed against our communities in the name of preserving supremacy.

  • JaimieBeavers

    All I can say is WOW. This literally left me speechless. So wonderfully put into words and done so in such a creative manner! This truly makes me wonder how many more acts of such violence are going to take place until something within the criminal justice system changes. Time will tell but I’m assuming there will forever be racism that exists in the system. Racial bias in the law seems to be such an ignored issue. After the Trayvon Martin case I will be disappointed if the system continues to be racially biased, but sadly, I will not be shocked.

    •  @JaimieBeavers all we can do is keep shinung thelight JAmie
      thanks for being here

    • KayWhitlock

       @JaimieBeavers Just remember:  once abolition of slavery was a pipe dream.  But yes:  addressing structural racism goes to the very heart of this country’s shadow/stash.

    • Panyia

       @JaimieBeavers  In addition to that, the part of “How many more….Trayvon Martins,” in Chia’s poem really shows the complexity of the criminal justice system and  race.  It also show us that this Trayvon issue is the same issue/struggle that people have gone through challenging the system repeatedly.  It’s truly sad the same issue is replicated in several different ways and making it harder to bring about change.  And I do hope changes would occur some day. 

      • KayWhitlock

         @Panyia   @JaimieBeavers amen.

      •  @Panyia   @JaimieBeavers yes and it shows how other communities of color face the same struggle with police or the public..
        rest in Peace Fong Lee — that legal decision was a disgrace

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Chia.  Such a profoundly moving and powerful poetic reflection. 

    •  @KayWhitlock wish you cold hear her perform it Kay…Very Powerful

      • KayWhitlock

         @nancy a heitzeg Wish I could.  I sense a podcast in this.

  • Just got from NYC — a conference on Juvenile Justie Reform at John Jay — more on that later..
    In the meantime — Thank you Chia! wish i had this on video but still the Word…