• KayWhitlock

    That so many state officials would find “virtue” in this action is truly sickening.  How I wish there were ways to hold them accountable for this cold-blooded killing of a person with mental retardation – in defiance of law.   Imagine the degree of spiritual, ethical, moral bankruptcy that is reflected in this.  Imagine the relentless determination that motivated such killing, justified by such specious standards.  Imagine the degree of political will it takes to want to exercise such absolute power over life and death of the people in whose names you rule.   It is impossible to fully imagine it; it is like staring into a terrible abyss. 
    The silence from too many mainstream communities of faith is shameful.

  • Domino14

    Why is it ok for “the law” to murder people??

  • trashablanca

    Funny how, the red states, who get federal welfare much more than blue states,
    have higher levels of divorce, teen pregnancy, etc, also profess to being pro life,
    then execute as many POC and impoverished folks than all the blue states combined.
    Texas is under Xtian Sharia law, and most people who support it, don’t understand it at all.

    •  @trashablanca Professor Ogletree has it right — From “Lynch Mobs to the Killing State”