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    •  @MeteorBlades a story that should be more widely known..
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    Fishing rights are still an active issue related to the original treaties.
    “A group of Dakota Indian activists plans to cast a gill net in a Twin Cities lake on May 13, a day before the fishing opener.
    That would be a violation of state law. And this time, Chris Mato Nunpa hopes police will notice.”

  • I am sorry to say that one of my old relatives fought with the Union Army at Mankato
    Just a small plaque there to mark the Largest Mass Execution in US History
    Why Treaties Matter

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       @nancy a heitzeg As someone who is descended from slave owners on both sides of the family, I know how you feel. 

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    Racism was deeply embedded in the US constitution. Not only was slavery confirmed and slaves treated as 3/5 of a person, but the legal fiction of separate nations was created in order to place them beyond the newly created polity. They were deprived of civil rights and dealt with as aliens within the continental space.  The treaties were one sided documents imposed by the American government. They turned out to be worthless when they presented an inconvenience to the call of manifest destiny.