• Judith Sims

    You know I think the Secret Service knows what a traitor Obama is. His real name is Barry Soetoro. Why don’t some of you google things about Obama and you will see how dangerous a man he is. Don’t you know that the Secret Service knows ALL about this evil communist muslim man that is out to destroy our nation. Where is our military to stop him, heck where are the Secret Service man, that should take him to Gitmo awaiting his hanging for his deceitful, lying, killing and destroying people’s life. He saw our American man and others beheaded. You know what little Barry did. Played golf!!!  – Pull up where that bastard child was born at, it just might surprise you the things you can find out, especially that he is gay and michelle is a transvestic man, named Michael. We have gays in our white house. Obama gave God the finger, and lit up OUR white house in Rainbow colors. Wake up America.. May God Bless America, BUY I think we have now become Sodom and Gomorrah.

  • Liberals Suck

    Wow. Most of you are a bunch of liberal fags.

  • JimMartin3

    I just spoke to the Secret Service, they DO know about this, they ARE monitoring it, and if this or any other disturbing images like this are found WITH wording or comments that could be considered a direct threat, call them at 202-406-8000 and give them the URL. They have already spoken to the Attorney General’s office about it, and without any direct threat language accompanying the pic, it IS considered free speech, even though it may be somewhat disturbing free speech

    •  @JimMartin3 Thanks Jim.  I’m not so sure that this image is considered free speech.  It’s an incitement to violence standing on its own — and incitements to violence are not protected by the First Amendment.  At any rate, this image was, in fact, accompanied by language “hehehehe string ’em up by a tree’.   Given our nation’s history, this isn’t a free speech issue.  Thanks for the info on the Secret Service.  

      • JimMartin3

         @Seeta  @JimMartin3 well that was MY argument to the secret service and even facebook. It IS a threat either way, since it may give someone and idea that they don’t go posting about on facebook before they go and try to kill the president. But they said they ARE keeping an eye on it, they have the ability to monitor it where ever it is posted, and their ability to track it and keep it on their “radar” is vastly better than yours or mine, so I guess we just have to let them do their job and protect the president to the best of their ability. He DID say the Attorney General’s office is also well aware of it and their legal council said it is free speech unless a specific threat language, other than just wishful thinking, is posted with the pic. I feel the same way about Romney and Ryan, and a host of other Redumblicans, but unless I put in a specific threat, it’s just wishful thinking and protected speech

        •  @JimMartin3 Glad to hear SS is monitoring the situation.  I have no doubt that SS is well-equipped to do their jobs. Whether this image, accompanied by words or not, is an incitement to violence as a legal matter is questionable — but as a cultural and historical matter, there is no question that this is an incitement to violence.  It may not be well-orchestrated campaign of violence by one person, but it is part of the institutional and cultural racism that pervades our politics and civil society.  With regard to how you feel about Romney and Ryan — I am going to have to remove the comment because CMP doesn’t countenance or permit an any expression of any kind of violence towards others, abstract, physical, or otherwise.  If I misunderstand you, then my apologies.  Otherwise, aside from your sentiments regarding Romney-Ryan, we are on the same page.

        • JimMartin3

           @Seeta  This is my page that I run, https://www.facebook.com/pages/Redumblicans/221044064609690

  • Kira

    Apparently the Republicans are hearkening back to a time when racism and lynching were “traditional values”.

  • A Mike Cash residing in Oceanside, CA gave Mitt Romney $1500 in 2011:
    Don’t know if it’s the same MIke Cash as the CEO of Operation Family Fund, which is also based in Ridgecrest, CA.  But it likely is the same one.  Of course, he is entitled as a private citizen to donate to any candidate he chooses.  But interesting information nonetheless.

    • JimMartin3

       @Seeta weeda peoples is in newport beach ca

  • FYi — Looks like FB removed the “Weda People LLC” page finally.  Hope they ban the user from opening other accounts.  Time for FB to embrace social responsibility.

    • Hmmm. Actually, I don’t know for sure it FB removed it or if the ignorant coward deleted it.  

    • JimMartin3

       @Seeta I think Weda Peeple was just a play on words to try to slip comments in and have people THINK it was coming from Weeda Peoples. Weeda Peoples is, IMHO a good page, very anti republican. But as it goes, people don’t pay attention, so they might not notice the different name spellings

      •  @JimMartin3 Good point.  I don’t know much about Weeda Peoples, but Weda Peeple was a clear attempt to demean and hijack the other group’s message.

        • JimMartin3

           @Seeta yeah, I posted on my page, for people to keep an eye out for any posts by Weda and to not mistake that for weeda

  • There are already some jackasses on the internet comparing this to the Bush effigies.
    Although inexcusable, the two are clearly different for any sentient being with critical thinking skills and an understanding of history.
    These uneducated, yet vocal, souls willfully ignore the reality of the history of the holocaust against blacks in the U.S. perpetrated by whites, anti-black institutional racism, white supremacy, Jim Crow, and the systemic dehumanization campaign against blacks in this country. Racism against blacks in this country is the very fulcrum of white supremacy in the U.S. 
    These two things are not comparable.  Period.

    • KayWhitlock

       @Seeta thanks for your swift and principled response to one of those jackasses, Seeta.

  • I intentionally did not post the entire image because it was so disturbing.  But other folks were smart enough to screen capture it.  It is disturbing:

    • KayWhitlock

       @Seeta Important, Seeta.  Vile beyond words.  But let people see what the Right is producing – and how the dog whistles support this.

    • JimMartin3

       @Seeta  FYI, anyone who DOES download it, the government will know it….which is why I didn’t put it on my pc

  • FYI – People can also report the “Weda People LLC” user (since I’m sure it’s run by one unfortunate hateful individual voting against his/her own interests) by clicking onto their facebook page, clicking the drop down arrow to the right of “Message,” select “Report Page,” and from there select violent behavior and credible threat of violence (since this is an outright threat to the President of the United States. 

    • KayWhitlock

       @Seeta Agree. 

      •  @nancy a heitzeg Exactly.  Threats to overthrow government and assassinate the President are all sanctioned and fueled in part by the GOP’s incessant incitement to violence and thinly veiled racialized political code words.  Incitements to violence are not protected by the First Amendment.

        •  @Seeta and btw the media needs to stop calling militia groups “anarchists:”
          that is a term designed to conjure up leftist images
          they should call them militias or sovereign citizens or Paulists  — more to the point

        •  @nancy a heitzeg Good point.  These terrorists are libertarians/tea party GOP teahadists.  That is what the media needs to call them.

    • JimMartin3

       @Seeta the page is gone already

  • KayWhitlock

    What is sown is what is reaped.  This vile, despicable mentality is being stoked by a major political party and a presidential slate.   No doubt they will distance themselves from this, but wink and nod at it. 
    I will be cancelling my FB account.  Nothing is worth giving 1 second of support to those profit-mongers.

  • The ignorant coward who set up the Weda People LLC account should be banned from FB.  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Weda-Peeple-LLC/262336737163956

    •  @Seeta yes
      and then there is this –it never ever ends..

      •  @nancy a heitzeg My god.  I’m speechless. Sick.  
        And no wonder FB’s stock is plummeting….

        • Amen @Seeta 

        • KayWhitlock

           @Seeta  @nancy a heitzeg Let’s help it plummet more by cancelling accounts.

        •  @KayWhitlock  @nancy a heitzeg this is the conundrum.  FB and other social networking sites can be used as a tool for organizing for POSITIVE social change.  It can also be used to spew venom and organize for NEGATIVE change.  One thing I do know for sure is that FB execs need to be held more accountable for allowing this type of bullsh*t to stay on their site for as long as it did.  I’m sure there’s plenty more out there that we’ve yet to learn about.

        • KayWhitlock

           @Seeta  @nancy a heitzeg Agreed, Seeta.  FB can be used for good, and it’s got to be a personal decision, with valid reasons for staying or going.