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    I am very late. I am sorry. I am so distracted by the events around 
    Hurricane Issac, that I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else. 
    If anyone is still around here, please pray for the people of Louisiana 
    and Mississippi, and send good vibes. 
    Thanks for the diary. 

    •  @rubyr will do rubyr
      thanks for stopping — never too late

  • Thanks, A3 News, for spotlighting such horrifying injustices and the resistance and organizing against these atrocities. 

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Angola 3 News, Hans, and Hamja Ahsan and Aviva Stah.  What a powerful interview – and what a sharp indictment of the U.S. prison/criminal legal system.

    •  @KayWhitlock glad you made it Kay
      and Amen

    •  @KayWhitlock Thanks for stopping by, Kay, and let’s hope that you feel better soon!

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         @Angola 3 News I always feel better when A 3 News is out and about!

  • Domino14

    I hope they are not extradited..
    thankyou Angola3News

  • The ECHR ruling in September will be very significant either way.
    We hope that it rules against extradition, possibly creating enough international pressure to aid the efforts of anti-prison activists in the US.

    • Yes agree @Angola 3 News 

    •  @Angola 3 News once we all live through the political season  — i hope attention can again be turned to the remaining Angola 2 , the Pelican Bay Hunger Strike and the excessive uses of mass incarceration and solitary in the US..
      we need an Obama victory in order to even have that conversation — anything less and we are all at risk
      Seriously — i am trying to avoid the GOP convention lunacy right now

  • thansk as always ANgolsa 3 News and Hans Bennet!
    i was not aware of this case

    •  @nancy a heitzeg You are welcome. We had done an interview earlier focusing on this appeal to the European Court of Human Rights:  http://angola3news.blogspot.com/2011/03/war-prisons-and-torture-in-us-uk.html
      Then when King recently met Hamja and Aviva while touring the UK, we thought an interview with them would be the perfect followup for this story.
      Thanks again Nancy for all your support in spreading the word about our work!

      •  @Angola 3 News great to see you!
        This was the perfect combo interview — always shocking to me how barbaric we are compared to standards elsewhere

        •  @nancy a heitzeg  Glad you liked the combo.
          As scathing as a hard-hitting critique of US prisons can be, it is still easy to forget the effects of this awful system on the family members of those held captive.
          It is inspiring how Hamja is fighting for his brother, and his voice, and those of other family members of other prisoners are badly needed in any discussion about the so-called ‘war on terror.’

        •  @Angola 3 News yes so many victims.. Truly

        •  @Angola 3 News greetings from Kay btw — she may be here later..:Always appreciates your work

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           @nancy a heitzeg  @Angola 3 News Stopping by – hello to all.  Got a bug and am feeling punk, so can’t stay.  But this is too important not to be here.

        •  @KayWhitlock  @Angola 3 News feel better Kay

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           @Angola 3 News  @nancy a heitzeg It’s very inspiring, Hans.  And we must always remember the impact on prisoners and their families.  To lose sight of this is to lose sight of why this matters.

        •  @KayWhitlock  Sorry to hear you’ve got a bug. Feel better! And thank you for the report…I owe you an e-mail, I know, I know. 
          Sending virtual miso soup and well wishes.
          for a world without cages,