• part of a pathological pattern that is  increasinly well-documented
    i just became aware of this
    “It’s been clear for a while that Romney is not the kind of guy you want to play touch football with. In two debates, Romney bragged about forcing Ted Kennedy to take out a second mortgage when he ran against him for Senate in 1994. Romney lost, but hey, at least he caused Kennedy a little pain. His killer instinct extends beyond politics. Before the Iowa caucuses, he called his son Craig on stage to tell the delightful story about the time at the Romney family triathlon (yes!) Romney and his daughter-in-law — who had given birth to his grandchild a couple months before — were the last two left in the race. Romney couldn’t let his son’s wife be only the second-worst athlete.
     From video transcript
    CRAIG ROMNEY: …And it was down to my wife and my dad over here.
    ROMNEY: I tripped her.
    CRAIG ROMNEY: And it was kind of in the home stretch in the run there. And she had a slight lead on him. And he said that in that moment, he decided he was going to win that race or he was going to die trying. And you see this fight to the finish, and he went for this — he gave it everything he had. He gave it a good kick and he beat her in the end. And he did almost die trying, by the way.
    He passed out in a lawn chair and we didn’t see him the rest of the day. He barely made lot of life. But it’s that type of hard work, it’s that type of determination, I think, that we need in the White House.”

    •  @nancy a heitzeg Romney is a sociopath.  And perfectly appointed king of the American Taliban party.  He’s a vindictive CEO tyrant.  He uses his exorbitant power to punish those he personally dislikes.  Not what we need in a leader of a free-thinking democracy.  He is a vile, despicable human being.