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  • badphairy

    I have gone from giggling like a schoolgirl to just dreading some new gaffe every day. I had no idea glee could be this banal. Yes, Obama is going to win over the Armani suit stuffed with straw. I just hope we don’t forget the last few months in the rush for 2016.
    For now, forward!

    •  @badphairy can we get some air in here?????
      Seamus is panting…
      Mitt’s gone Full Palin!!! so i feel your pain girl

      • rubyr

         @nancy a heitzeg  @badphairy I just read this and I didn’t know whether to laugh or sob. Heaven help us all if this maniac gets into the White House. We will need a shadow President, for sure. I suggest Barack Obama, in the unlikely event that that occurs. 
        I saw some tweets about this that I wanted to share with you ones, but I can’t find them. Hilarious. 

        •  @rubyr  @badphairy i am laughing now :)
          almost as wild as as #Eastwooding
          here’s a tweet for you — #RomneyPlaneFeatures – Why can’t we have the freedom of oxygen that Seamus is having ?

        • rubyr

           @nancy a heitzeg  @badphairy LOL!!!
          What a world we live in…what a world. Thanks. 

        •  @rubyr  @badphairy ps.. this is all we are missing :)

        • rubyr

           @nancy a heitzeg I just laughed so hard, I spit on my monitor. 

        • badphairy

           @nancy a heitzeg  @rubyr Bwahahahahha! I’m a hafta watch that.

      • badphairy

         @nancy a heitzeg Watched Game Change last night. I know why Hanks got an Emmy. And now this morning, it looks like Ryan has gone full Palin. I keep thinking they’ve hit bottom, yet they find new depths.

  • rubyr

    Thanks, Seeta!!! Sorry for the delay. I’m a dumb ass. 

  • rubyr

    “Because the Truth has finally outshone the LIe.”
    These word make my heart sing!!!
    What a wonderful inspiring diary, Nancy. 

    •  @rubyr hey rubyr! was hoping you would make it here..
      thought about you when i wrote this — we will make it happen

      • rubyr

         @nancy a heitzeg We HAVE to, we really do.
        I just finished the new book about Karl Rove: “Boss Rove”  by Craig Unger (I may have mentioned it here). If everyone read that book, they would be working their asses off. I thought I knew a lot about him but I know a lot more now and that worm is smart, powerful, has $ONE BILLION in his Super Pacs and likes Romney (or did and is still sticking with him). In 2008, Rove wasn’t active because he and McCain hate one another.
        He is going to unleash a shitstorm of negative ads and he is just one of many but I think you are right and the Truth is outshining the lies and will continue so that we can save the soul of our flawed but wonderful country. 
        Thank you for thinking about me. 

        •  @rubyr i think rove will take most of his $$ downstream to the Senate and House races..
          and i honestly think we may have reached a moment the power of negative ads is weakened
          hope i am right

        • rubyr

           @nancy a heitzeg Yeah, I agree, and I hope we can combat that. The Dems have to be really smart to hold the Senate and pump up the House but I think they can do it. 
          I mentioned the money but the much bigger thing is his ability and willingness to steal elections through masterminding voter suppression (on top of the IDs) and his willingness to smear anyone with any lie and have it work. 
          I am praying that the power of the negative ad is weakened when they pile on. I really think the influx of all of that money and ads is just cover for them to engage in hanky panky but 
          most people disagree and on the GOS, they say I and others who think as I do are CT nuts. For me the proof is in history and history as recent as the Scott Walker recall. 
          I don’t want to be negative. I hate negativity but I am a realist and these people are rotten. 
          I am with you, though. If we work really hard and are smart
          we will win. My main fear is that people will become complacent. I view Dems as a little lazier than the Republicans because they aren’t fueled by all of that racist and fear-driven zeal. ONWARD AND UPWARD INTO THE LIGHT. 
          Thanks, my friend, for everything. 

  • KayWhitlock

    The Obama campaign reaches for the best in us; the Romney campaign appeals to the smallest, meanest, and worst in us.
    And it’s why Obama will win.
    Thanks, Nancy.

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    • naheitzeg

      @AndoThaDonMusic Ride or Die

  • And despite the critics — the complaint about lack of soaring rhetoric — history too will write that this — was one of the great political speeches
    The right tone the right man the right time