• pennyd2

    @naheitzeg @Shoq @ppppolls But where does PPP report both as separate numbers and then how do the reconcile them back for apples to apples?

    • naheitzeg

      @pennyd2 @naheitzeg @Shoq @ppppolls check their recent tweets or read the report http://t.co/vFZHG1Vx

      • pennyd2

        @naheitzeg @Shoq @ppppolls Thank you!

  • blkunity

    Hay Miss Nancy, thanks for always bring the truth.
    People cant forget that RACE MATTER .
    And if you forget they will always try and hide the truth.
    Check this youtube clip

    • @blkunity Perfect video :) Thank you
      and yes white supremacy is the bad root of this all.. more on that soon

  • EricBogan

    Nancy, thank you so much for this important piece. What I am most troubled by regarding these polls and the false narratives they engender, is the willingness of too many on our side of the isle to accept these national polls, with their LV/RV screens that are  WAY beyond historical trends(differences has been only 2.5 percent, not the 7-10 pt. swings we are witnessing this election cycle)as the gospel. These polls are simply not reflective of what’s happening on the ground, esp. in the ‘battleground states’.

    • @EricBogan thank you Eric and Amen
      In addition,  the unbelievable Presidential race swings are also not reflected in the down ticket races for Senate and the House..
      None of it hangs together

  • This is superbly done Nancy. You’ve outdone yourself. The media and polling groups have long been in bed with each other in order to drive manufactured narratives, ratings and profit. If we received more transparency in how the polls are conducted, most of the polling outfits would be out of business. They are businesses and they’ve got to justify their existence. Excellently done. Going to this a second look when I get home.

    • @Seeta thank you seeta..
      i am forever in your debt for this space
      and yes to all you have siad –m never seen it be quite so  dramatic before though.. People need to just turn this all off — trust their instincy=ts as Joe Biden said and GOTV

      • @nancy a heitzeg gratitude to you for gracing this space and your always on-point, insightful analyses.  
        This is a must read piece to expose our collapsed fourth estate.  We’ve got to do the work ourselves — debunk propaganda, focus on substance, organize and GET OUT THE VOTE.  Time is of the essence.  
        Three weeks people.

    • @Seeta t have to say seeta that  read 538 every day as well  as all  the comments on every post., there are a growing Daily!! –  set of questions – like i have raised in this post — about the soundness of various poll fundametals and the prediction models which rely on them
      btw this was an interesting piece today
      those who want up to the minute analysis should follow @JeffersonObama on twitter

      • EricBogan

        @nancy a heitzeg  @Seeta  @JeffersonObama  Nancy, I agree @ Jefferson Obama,he really cuts thru the b.s.  and drills down the polling like no other. BTW, I really don’t believe that one debate can be a ‘game changer’ as alot of these pollsters and MSM types are saying. I stand by my orig. comments re: facts on the ground.

        • @EricBogan  @Seeta i am happy to say as i look around that a growing number of people the sentiment about “The Black Swan” debate..
          it just doesn’t not wash,, the more ??s asked the more awareness the better
          and thnaks again for being here Eric

        • EricBogan

          @nancy a heitzeg@Seeta No prob Nancy, I love your posts on TPV. I will leave you with a Jefferson Obama tweet: 
          Jeff Gauvin ‏@JeffersonObama
          Pollsters acknowledge Obama has a huge Registered Voter advantage in battleground states but wipe out 7 Point leads with +8 LV Screens
          Don’t believe the hype.

        • @EricBogan  @Seeta  @JeffersonObama Yes! thanks for that.. GOTV was always going to be the story

      • @nancy a heitzeg  @JeffersonObama totally agree, Nancy — refreshing to see folks questioning the polls — I’ve seen it as well on MSM sites like NYT and WP.  Much gratitude for this analysis and expose — “Citizens United” and a failed fourth estate have created the Romney ascendancy and reinforced oligarchy.  
        It is all about GET OUT THE VOTE from this point forward.  
        Historically, debates have not impacted or transformed the race.  MSM milking political theater (and that’s what it is) to sell soap — nothing else.

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Nancy.  This is like a house of mirrors.  In all the elections I’ve been through, and I’ve been through a lot, I’ve never seen anything quite like this.  I do believe that Koch, Rove & Co. are making an astonishing effort to drive the media narratives.  And none of the MSM or major polling folks or interpreters are tearing out the guts of the poll samples and internals to see if it makes sense.
    For example, a new Mason Dixon (!) poll shows Romney up big in Florida.  But look closely, and they also say Latinos are breaking for Romney – and that, my friends, is not possible.  Also, the Latino sample is virtually all Cuban American.  Not true for the state as a whole.
    My question:  how does any of this intersect with voter suppression efforts?  I think we can’t know for awhile.

    • @KayWhitlock that poll and many others are misleading because of the samples
      and yes – there i have long believed a link between sampling and MOE going in and voter suppression schemes
      GOTV in massive #s in the the antidote

  • Mitt Romney is No Natalie Portman people