• Chris and Sully are happy now..FAir weather white guys back in the fold

  • Obama had a K.O. tonight.  Brilliantly done, Mr. President!

  • We can reduce poverty by getting hitched — that’s what romney just said in response to a gun control question.

  • Romney is coming undone.

  • Candy fact-checked Romney’s lying ass on Libya.. Crowd claps

    • @nancy a heitzeg ‎”I am the President, please proceed.”-Obama

  • oil production does not reduce gas prices — a gop myth that has been repeatedly debunked: http://criticalmassprogress.com/2012/03/05/more-drilling-wont-lower-gas-prices/

  • thanks Seeta! i will be on and off — in class :(
    i will trust you to cut past the Hacks and the Spin -0- as always
    see you later

    • @nancy a heitzeg have a great class Nancy! see you later!

      • @Seeta hey! i love my students — they begged to go watch the debate..
        So here we go :)

        • @nancy a heitzeg awesome! here we go!!

        • @nancy a heitzeg Romney is going to “change that” re: new graduates getting jobs but offers no specifics.  
          Romney does NOT support Pell grants — he will cut them

        • @nancy a heitzeg Obama en fuego tonight

        • @Seeta yes and Candy is gonna have to tackle Mitt before the night is over :)

        • @nancy a heitzeg Mitt getting belligerent — starting to lose it

        • @Seeta yes twitter says CNN viewer trend lines dropping at his bullying

        • @nancy a heitzeg seems like less botox tonight for romney

        • @Seeta ha!!  too much Red Bull though :)

        • @nancy a heitzeg “I know what it takes to make an economy works and I know what a working economy looks like” is his answer to how he plans to reduce income inequality in the workplace.