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  • FYI: Mittens Tells Employers to Threaten Employees if They Don’t Vote for Him 
    Actual audio exists.

    • KayWhitlock

      @Seeta Must go viral.  Employers own you.  Own your vote.  Own your thoughts.
      Hell, no.

    • @Seeta this is exactly the trend that is being reported everywhere re the Coal guys, the billionaires etc — at least 3 stories —
      Romney is the Inventor of this Sh%t

  • KayWhitlock

    Hi, all.  For those who come to comments, here’s a great link to a Melissa Harris-Perry video piece on the psychological impacts of voter intimidation/suppression.

    • @KayWhitlock thanks so much for this diary Kay..
      We need to be ready for any and all suppression efforts between now and through Election Day
      Eternal vigilance!

    • @KayWhitlock This is excellent Kay.  
      Folks can find voter education materials at Election Protection: http://www.866ourvote.org/pages/voter-education-materials
      They can also sign up to poll monitor on Election Day — it doesn’t have to be the entire day — it can be an hour or two.

      • @Seeta  @KayWhitlock thanks Seeta! We need to watch the True the Vote crew

        • @nancy a heitzeg  @KayWhitlock Yes! and folks can report voter intimidation to this outlet as well.  I’ll be posting resources on reporting election day intimidation in the coming days.

        • KayWhitlock

          @Seeta  @nancy a heitzeg Excellent, seeta.  We will have to spread that info far and wide.

      • KayWhitlock

        @Seeta Hi, seeta!   And although I haven’t been a fan of MoveOn.org this season, they are now fundraising for a counter-vote suppression effort in Cleveland and Columbus, OH.  I think I’m in for that one.

        • @KayWhitlock  @Seeta yes
          Plus i am bringing Binders Full of Women to the polls with me :) And the 47%

        • @KayWhitlock wonderful!  I’m investigating what organizations are going to be organizing buses of people in Ohio to poll monitor.  Stay tuned.

    • @KayWhitlock We all need to be prepared for insane right wing accusations and possible legal challenges when Obama wins..
      Their voter id and legal suppression efforts have largely failed so legal will be the pathway now
      As you know i believe the poling junk and media narratives are in alignment with these voter suppression efforts

      • KayWhitlock

        @nancy a heitzeg Agree.