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  • Thanks for this Nancy. Breathing room is right. This election cycle has ignored so many key issues facing our country. To quote Lawrence O’Donnell, the media lacks the intellectual capacity and interest to address these core foundational issues.

  • RubySJones

    My avatar is gone. sniff sniff

  • RubySJones

    Hello all, 
    Some heartening news:
    I just became a member of the “NY Data Team”. There was an hour training online. Now, this is  the part that will make you happy— THERE WERE 280 PEOPLE IN THAT TRAINING!!! There were many more people than they expected.  YAY!! YAY!! YAY!!

    • @RubySJones hey rubyr — that is great..thanks
      Good to see you

  • Domino14

    Great post  –  I would vote if I could.. and it would definately be democrat!

  • my gratitude to all who work so tirelessly ato end criminal injustice
    You know who you are

  • KayWhitlock

    Amen to breathing room.  Thanks, Nancy, and thanks to all the individuals and groups linked to in this post who fight daily, against huge odds, for human rights.
    And thank you, Nancy and Seeta, for Election Watch information.