• I know that, since i live in nyc, i should know this, but i’ve been without power since the storm and have had very little news (save whatever’s on the radio), cell phone reception (I walk to a corner where many people gather because it’s one of the few spots with cell phone reception in lower Manhattan) or internet…
    Was Rikers flooded? Did the power go out?
    I know that LaGuardia, which is across the water, just reopened today.
    I know that my neighborhood, one of the priciest in NYC, has been without power since Monday (or was it Sunday? The days are blurring together) and is predicted to be without power until the weekend. So i can only imagine that those on the very bottom of the heap are suffering even more deprivations (as if they had all that much to begin with).
    Anyone have any news on what happened at Rikers this past week?
    For a world without cages,

    • @Vikki no news on rikers
      thinking of you vikki — hold on

  • here is a link to an earlier piece in the Village Voice re violence at Rikers
    Warning — graphic images but this is such a crucial piece

    • KayWhitlock

      @nancy a heitzeg Thank you, Nancy.

  • Dirk

    I should not have been surprised by Bloomberg’s answer to that question, but I was floored.  
    I’d like to see some studies of how people process the contradiction between the theory of a justice system that includes proportionate punishment and the default practice of “guilty is guilty, so why should we care if they live or die.”  New York hasn’t executed any one since 1963 – why don’t they see that they could be changing a sentence from imprisonment to death with no legal review?

    • excellent question — i would love to see thosestudies too.. So much “othering” — disposable people

    • KayWhitlock

      I’d like to see those studies, too.

  • Bloomie’s response was inexcusable and shameful — we’ve got to continue to pressure him on this issue until he learns a little respect and humility.  Sandy is only the beginning for the mid-Atlantic and Northeast — this is the new normal.

    • KayWhitlock

      @Seeta Amen.  Bloomberg didn’t care last time, and he didn’t care this time.  Let’s make sure he does learn.  No use to bombard him with messages now.  We’ll bide our time, and when the floodwaters recede, that’s the time to let him know we will never forget.
      And you’re so right, Seeta.  Sandy is just a  hint of what lies in store for the future.

      • @KayWhitlock Well said, Kay!

    • @Seeta exactly Shades of the OPP and Katrina
      Kay is so right

  • KayWhitlock

    It’s only a few more days to the election, folks.  Let’s hang in there, GOTV, and give one another all the support we can.  Huge gratitude to Prison Policy Initiative,Solitary Watch,the NYC Jails Action Coalition, and all the other individuals and groups who stand in the storm, affirming the humanity of all those who are incarcerated.

    • @KayWhitlock Amen to all of this
      Love that graphic!

      • KayWhitlock

        @nancy a heitzeg Kudos to Prison Policy Initiative for the graphic.  Powerful.  We’ll be talking more about PPI post-election!

        • @KayWhitlock i will beready to move FORWARD!! again
          long haul with too much R/R negativity swirling — Be Gone!