• Domino14
  • KayWhitlock

    Yes, Nancy!  Forward. With absolutely relentless persistence.
    Kudos to you for all you’ve done this season.

  • I am still stunned by the scope of this Victory — thanks you so much to all you voted..
    in personal news – MN is back in complete Democratic control for the first time in 22 years  All Blue once more :)

    • @nancy a heitzeg THanks Nancy!!! Still digesting the breadth and impact of this Victory here too — last night’s election was more significant and more resounding than 2008.  America is changing and the torch was officially passed to the Obama Era last night.

      • @Seeta Amen! A New Day Dawns

      • @Seeta btw i see that Obama defeated That Liar by more than 2 milllion more than he defeated McCain in 2008
        Waiting for the % to fail to 47 — Karma