#ObamaMandate Expands: Soon to be 332

November 08, 2012 at 4:01 pm by: nancy a heitzeg Category: 2012 Election

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Miami Herald: Why Obama Wins Florida:

Though votes are still being tallied, President Obama is all but assured a victory in Florida because the lion’s share of the outstanding ballots come from Democratic-heavy counties.

Obama leads Republican Mitt Romney by 55,825 votes — or 49.9 percent to 49.24 — but there just aren’t enough votes from Republican areas to allow the challenger to catch up.

Romney’s Florida campaign has acknowledged he lost in Florida as well. Romney already conceded the national race after he lost the other battleground states….

Even if the above-listed estimates from South Florida were reversed and Obama’s extra projected votes were handed to Romney, the Republican would still lose by about 32,000 votes.

A wild card: Provisional ballots. These are cast by voters whose status is in doubt. Often, they’re rejected, in part because people vote in the wrong precinct. Most studies show, however, that provisional ballots are more likely to be cast by Democrats than Republicans.


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nancy a heitzeg
nancy a heitzeg

will be called tomorrow .. all reports say lead past automatic recount trigger..


Just saw an Axelrod tweet that says Obama carried the Cuban American vote -- first time a Dem has done so in 50+ years..

KayWhitlock 2 Like

Florida.  Karmic.  All of it.  Karmic.

nancy a heitzeg
nancy a heitzeg 2 Like

Voes should be reported tomorrow by Noon latest -- will update as it unfolds..

nancy a heitzeg
nancy a heitzeg 2 Like

Outstanding counts are in Miami Dade Duval Broward and Palm beach -- all deep blue so the lead will expand