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  • Domino14

    Aww man ..    I hadn’t heard about Jordan :(
    Thankyou Nancy as always for informing and trying to awaken the public
    Seeta said it perfectly  that enough is enough…

    • @Domino14 yes that case is so horrible..
      Too much — loud music?? Right..

  • Thanks so much for this Nancy.  Tragic and horrific.  We are closing this year just as we started it — enough is enough.

  • Bob Phillips

    Thanks for this, Nancy. And thanks for the MHP piece. I’ve been so turned into my own little cacoon, I no longer even have a tv, that I miss a lot. I certainly miss MHP!
    With my attention turned elsewhere the ALEC/NRA coup has sort of snuck up on me. I knew it was bad, but those maps are terrifying. The pattern looks pretty familiar, though.
    And, of course, we ‘Zonies are one of only three states with no permit concealed carry. Makes walking down the street an adventure!

    • @Bob Phillips Be careful Bob :) It all is pretty shocking indeed

    • @Bob Phillips great to see you here btw — thanks!

  • KayWhitlock

    Nancy, thanks for this.  SYG spread so quickly.  Now, with the Koch Bros. buying one state legislature after another, and having a deep stake in ALEC, our work is cut out for us.

  • It is amazing to me how swiftly these irresponsible ( and deadly ) laws proliferated..
    I do hope that Justice for Jordan ans Trayvon means Repoeal
    Rest in Peace all – so sad so needless

    • Bob Phillips

      @nancy a heitzeg Amazing? It’s absolutely shocking!

      • @Bob Phillips hey Bob!
        Yes from zero to 325 in 5 years.. we would have had one here but Governor Dayton vetoed it..
        Shoot First — anywhere — is a more apt description..The Davis case is one of the worst examples of this

        • @Bob Phillips zero to 25 that is.. sorry for the typo
          the power of ALEC and the NRA