• blueness

    Good piece.
    First remove the guns from the military. Then from law enforcement. Then from the citizenry.

  • KayWhitlock

    So grateful for this commentary, Nancy.  Thank you.  The depth of the heartsickness I feel over Newtown is matched by the heartsickness I’ve felt so many times when mass shootings are rightly grieved, but nothing changes.
    Let’s be clear:  the President can’t change this by himself.  And Congress won’t change it until there is sustained – let me repeat that:  sustained – public activism so that politicians of every stripe know that there is a critical mass of people who won’t be swayed or silenced any more.
    Or intimidated by big money.  The Koch Brothers have given so much to electing and controlling state government, and we can expect a doubling, tripling, quadrupling down on that front.  Will we have the will to face them down, as we did in 2012?  Everything depends on our having that will.  On Friday, I spoke to a friend who has strong liberal/progressive views, but until the last 2 presidential elections, wasn’t politically active much.  He just told me that he now realizes he, and we, can’t ever stop, not for a minute.  I was glad to hear him say so, because when he expresses such views, I know others are feeling the same.
    This is a time to both mourn and organize.  But we must  not look for panaceas.  The problems are complex; the solutions will be just as intricate and complicated.  If we organize in that light and are relentlessly persistent,  we cannot fail.

    • @KayWhitlock good morning Kay
      agree per usual with all you have said.. thank you for relating the story of your friend — yes we must be relentless
      i am btw happy to see that Feinstein is reintroducing the Federal Assault Weapons Ban — a good place to start

      • KayWhitlock

        @nancy a heitzeg Yes, kudos to Feinstein on this.  Let’s see which politicians have the courage to speak to the culture of violence.
        Indeed, let’s see who among our social change organizations is willing to also take on the messier, more difficult cultural issues.

        • @KayWhitlock not that i watch TV, but i see via twitter, some 31 pro-gun congress types — who will not be named — refused to appear on MTP
          those who are against new laws are in hiding — so yes let us who will stand up in favior

        • KayWhitlock

          @nancy a heitzeg Yes, no pro-fun senators would appear on Sunday morning shows.  In the meantime, apparently even Lieberman supports the assault weapon ban.

        • Bob Phillips

          @nancy a heitzeg  @KayWhitlock A first step in standing up: my new Congressman, Rep. Ron Barber (D AZ-02), Gabrielle Giffords handpicked successor and himself wounded in THAT tragedy, is ideally suited to lead a national inquiry concerning what we’re going to do about senseless gun violence. 
          Change.org is circulating a petition asking Rep. Barber to step up to the plate. He brings a special authority to this issue. The petition is here http://www.change.org/petitions/congressman-ron-barber-take-the-lead-in-congress-to-address-the-epidemic-of-mass-shootings
          Please sign and share.

        • @KayWhitlock why does Paul Ryan need a gun?? He can strangle a grizzly with his bare hands..
          I believe he did so — several times even — right after that 3 hour marathon

        • @Bob Phillips  @KayWhitlock this is good — Barber would be the perfect lead for this — connects it all
          Will sign!

        • KayWhitlock

          @nancy a heitzeg Excuse me, Nancy, Ryan ran that marathon in UNDER three hours.  And he didn’t strangle one grizzly with bare hands; he strangled one male grizzly, one enraged mama grizzly (see Sarah Palin for details), and both of her cubs.

        • @KayWhitlock sorry.. He has done so much — hard to keep track :)

        • blueness

          @nancy a heitzeg  @KayWhitlock 
          Ayn Ryan needs a gun in order to be Manly. It is a new requirement for prospective 2016 GOoPer presidential candidates. The only thing that could be more bizarre than those 2012 debates, is if this time they fought duels. Watch for it.

        • @blueness  @KayWhitlock stranger things have happened –
          the warm – up

  • Bob Phillips

    Morning, Nancy, all. (Wish I could have written “Good Morning”, but there’s nothing good about what brings us together this morning except perhaps the opportunity to change it).
    As we all know the last couple of days the internets have been in a frenzy as at last the society kind of faces what’s been going on. I can only hope it lasts. Two messages have particularly caught my attention:
    One, in the debate about the “Right to Keep and Bear Arms” I’ve seen what is for me a useful phrase – the “Right to Keep and Bear Children”.  Interesting juxtaposition.
    Second, maybe closer to home for me personally, and, I believe, closely related to the violent basis of our culture which is the theme of today’s essay, twenty kids dead at the hands of a shooter is all of a sudden a big deal when twenty kids dead at the point of a drone happens quite regularly, in our names, and we go about our business as if it’s just another day. Little to no outrage, certainly no internets in a frenzy.
    Can someone help me understand why twenty kids dead in Connecticut is so much worse than twenty kids dead in Pakistan or Afghanistan? No, it was a rhetorical question. All kids are equal but . . . .

    • @Bob Phillips hey Bob — yes.. I do hope the calls for action translate into some action this. 
      and yes you bring to bear another important point — our culture of violence and all of our weapons of mass destruction from guns to drones to more claim many victims in many ways.. All around the world
      always good to see you Bob — even under these circumstances..Thank you
      Here is to a Better Day..

  • prisonculture

    @naheitzeg Nancy, thank you for adding your essential voice to the mix.

    • naheitzeg

      @prisonculture your Twitter Line/storify inspired me — White Male Terrorists indeed.. So thank you as always

      • prisonculture

        @naheitzeg Thanks Nancy.

  • Thank you Nancy.  Just weighted heavily with so much sadness.  As a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I do believe the problem is multi-faceted.  One obvious solution, however, is the need for more regulation.  Gun ownership should be as regulated at least as much as car/vehicle ownership.  Liability insurance should be  a must.
    The culture of violence/domination/subjugation must also change — it permeates our system and has fueled it from day one.
    Prayers and light to the family members of their fallen loved ones.  This should never happen.  And   I hope it never happens again.

    • @Seeta Yes to all you said Seeta..
      and thank you as always for this space that allows for knowledge and we hope change

    • @Seeta it is sadly ironic that i had been thinking about all this more lately re the CI piece on Stand Your Ground/Shoot First laws. The rapid proliferation of eased restrictions is stunning
      We cannot continue to treat Sandy Hook and Aurora as dis-connected from Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis — this all a piece oif the same dilemma

  • Domino14

    Thankyou for this Nancy
    R.I.P. to all   :(
    so sad…
    gun laws in Canada are so much stricter
    it needs to be in the states too

    • @Domino14 yes
      the culture of violence is the root of it all i think — we are a Gunfighter Nation
      Needs to change

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