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  • SaraNelson2013

    When does the brutality stop?  Someone is already in prison and then  they have to work on top of it.  This is interesting to me because the person is expected to have some sort of skills for the prison yet we throw them back into the world with nothing.  When they have no skills I would assume that they are more likely to revert back to criminal behavior which then puts them back into the system. This is a never ending cycle of those people only being “useful” when they are working for nothing on the plantation.  That is a disgusting picture of America.

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  • Getting here late, Nancy — but damn, this was some serious truth-telling indeed about the film that shall not be named.  Damn — well done.

    • @Seeta hey Seeta —  glad you made it.. Great to see you
      Sorry to start the new year with such a hard piece but felt like that was what was needed..
      hope you had a great break.. here is to better days in 2013!

  • Bob Phillips

    Tough post, Nancy, tough to read. As if one kind of PTSD weren’t enough.
    A quarter century next year since that horror was my day to day and all it took was reading your words to be right back there, the same dreadful feelings churning in the guts, the same tension in every muscle. Not that you wrote anything wrong, that you wrote it so right.
    From one who has been there, albeit with advantages too many of my brothers didn’t share, I can only shout Amen!

    • @Bob Phillips thank you Bob..
      and thank you too for always being willing to share your stories so that others might understand — so much gratitude for that
      Amen indeed

  • Domino14

    Thankyou Nancy.
    Good pick to start the new year.
    I don’t know what else to say – 
     here’s to hoping it gets better…
    and yes, always,

    • @Domino14 thank you domino
      Abolition — it is the word

    • KayWhitlock

      @Domino14 amen, Domino.  Happy New Year as we move forward.  Yeah, it’s gonna be tough, but we are going to find joy in the struggle.  I promise.

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Nancy.  This was written in letters of fire when it first appeared, and now the flames grow higher. 

    • @KayWhitlock thank you Kay..
      Abolition is all that can be said — all that can be done

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