• Bob Phillips

    Same as it ever was.

    • @Bob Phillips yes..
      Here’s to Better Days Bob.. Somehow

  • Domino14

    Oh My. :(
    Kudos to Juvencia for having the courage to speak out.  This letter should have received a response and should have been printed.  Unbelievable.
    Thankyou Nancy and Vikki for bringing it here.

    • @Domino14 totally agree.. Thanks to Vikki for always bringing these issues to light
      thanks for being here too

  • Thanks for giving Juvencia a forum to express these concerns.
    for a world without cages,

    • KayWhitlock

      @Vikki Vikki, good to see you.  Juvencia Townsend’s letter should be mandatory reading for everyone concerned with justice.

      • @KayWhitlock  @Vikki thank you Vikki! Great letter – it should be widely read

  • Issues of women in prison remain over-looked..
    Next week i will be at Central California Women’s Facility (CCWF) and then alter working with California Coalition for Women Prisoners to address over-crowding and other concerns, http://womenprisoners.org/
    Vikki is right the problems outlined by Juvencia are everywhere..

    • @nancy a heitzeg Definitely keep us posted on what’s going on in terms of overcrowding and mobilizations against the overcrowding at CCWF. (Do you know if CIW has also been affected or have all the people from VSPW been moved to CCWF?)

      • @Vikki as far as i know, CCWF is where everyone was moved to
        and yes i will keep you allposted

  • KayWhitlock

    Much gratitude to Juvencia Townsend for this letter.  It deserves an answer – and a humane, responsive one.  Thank you, also, Vikki Law, for bringing this letter to us. The voices of incarcerated women and their families must be heard.

    • @KayWhitlock Amen Kay..Endless attempts to render inmates invisible. It must all come to light

  • thank you so much VIkki for always making sure the voices of women in prisons/jail are heard. Always so grateful for you and your work
    And thank you Juvencia — this is for you