• Swede007

    Discrimination by employers Is reality, and not just for Blacks. I work in the printing trade
    and previous to turning 52  I was able to get seasonal work for some 23 years.
    when my age went up my earnings went down, and my position went down.
    It’s a crying Sin how experienced older workers are treated in industry.
    I applied at one business in the silicon valley, where, during the interview I found out
    that the actual job was exactely what I had been doing across the Bay at another business,
    I am 100% certain that I was not hired on there because everybody else there was in their 20’s
    and I was pushing 50 years old.
    Age, sex, racial , religious and other types of discrimination exist in employment.

  • So disturbing but sadly not surprising. This story is consistent with a growing body of research that documents employer discrimination against applicants with “ethnic sounding” names..