• kjirik

    I’m excited to see the part two of the video! I did not get the opportunity to learn a lot about the black panther party in school unfortunately, but I found it very surprising that they saw women as equal and gave them the opportunity to hold high powers in the organization.

  • Domino14

    Thankyou Nancy and Angola 3 News
    part 2 next week?

    • @Domino14 not sure but soon
      thanks for stopping domino

  • PatriciaLevesque

    The ackowledgement of “hidden history” rang particulary loud for me as I am constantly struck by how little people know about what’s going on behind the scenes and the censored versions of history that are the core beliefs of the average citezen.  I try to keep an open mind about “facts” (espicially during elections).
    Looks like this was a great trip

    • @PatriciaLevesque great to see you
      and yes it was a great trip

  • KayWhitlock

    If that’s Bob’s photo – and I think it is – I want to say that a friend sent me a cut-and-paste of your diary at the GOS today on cheap shots in the gun wars regarding vets with PTSD, and I cheered when I read your cogent comment.  Wow!  Nicely and fiercely done.

    • @KayWhitlock Second that :)

    • Bob Phillips

      @KayWhitlock Thank you, Kay. Still boycotting, huh? You’ve never struck me as a woman who’d back down easily.

      • KayWhitlock

        @Bob Phillips Oh, I haven’t backed down, Bob.  I shifted my foundation, quite happily, and as you can see from my writing here and elsewhere, I just get nervier.   I never thought of my leaving GOS as boycotting.  I thought of it as freeing myself of Markos’ nonsense and hypocrisy.  But that’s all I’ll say about That Place.
        I’m just glad to see you tonight and to read this Angola3News post about Nancy’s continuing brava combination of scholarship and activism.
        Sending all good wishes to you, pal.

  • KayWhitlock

    Thanks, Angola 3 News and Nancy.  This is how history comes alive for generations who didn’t experience times of tumult and change firsthand.  Inspired.  Looking forward to Part 1.

    • @KayWhitlock thanks Kay — yes.. History comes alive.. Wish everyone had the opportunity to exoerince this. Transformative — truly

    • KayWhitlock

      oops!  I meant “looking forward to part 2”!

      • @KayWhitlock me too :) Angola 3 News always does a great job

  • thanks again to Billy X Jennings and Angola 3 News for a wonderful day and an insightful tour..
    Look forward to Part 2!
    I am also grateful for being able to participate in even that made clear the on-going significance of the BPP legacy to our current work on abolishing the pic.. A model still for making real change

    • KayWhitlock

      @nancy a heitzeg Yes – the links from past to present are extremely important.