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    thanks Nancy as always

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      Domino14 Hey, domino.  good to see you.

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  • badphairy

    Well put.
     I think there’s also a huge potential for medical/patent abuse of “donated” DNA evidence as well, a la Henrietta Lacks.

    • badphairy yes there is an entire other “medical” side to this
      Acres of skin — miles of dna

    • KayWhitlock

      badphairy So true.  Thanks for this, badphairy.

  • KayWhitlock

    And when they’re called on this stuff, prosecutors generally just dig in their heels.  Here’s a timely piece from propublica on the problem with prosecutors who know they can get away with…just about anything.


  • btw i knew that crime labs were sloppy but…the report from Prison Legal News, https://www.prisonlegalnews.org/%28X%281%29S%28ulquxa45flyzgn45iqhf3jmr%29%29/displayArticle.aspx?articleid=22698&AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport=1 is a mind-blowing must read

    • KayWhitlock

      nancy a heitzeg Read that; I found it shocking, even though I am used to bad news.  The sheer scope of the trouble is horrific.  And it plays out in the real lives of real people

      • KayWhitlock nancy a heitzeg what % of “convictions” are fraudulent?

        • KayWhitlock

          nancy a heitzeg KayWhitlock And few people care, because “those people” are presumptively criminalized, anyhow.  Even if they didn’t do the crime they’re accused of, they probably did “something” wrong.

        • KayWhitlock nancy a heitzeg this is the rationalization for endless injustice that extends from police to the public

  • Thanks for this Nancy — it will be interesting, to say the least, to see how the Supremes rule on this.

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      Seeta Won’t it just.

    • Seeta Yes — and, as usual, i fear it will not be good…

  • KayWhitlock

    This is essential reading, Nancy.  Thank you.  Eugenics lives.  And lest we forget:  the field of eugenics was first supported by white liberals and progressives.

    • KayWhitlockexactly — “the field of eugenics was first supported by white liberals and progressives.”
       and they seem to be at the fore again.. 
       Long past time to stop searching for  personal ” causes” of crime an focus instead on structure and most importantly the power of labeling and enforcement that  creates “crime and  “criminals”

      • KayWhitlock

        nancy a heitzeg KayWhitlock amen a thousand times.

        • KayWhitlock nancy a heitzeg i was lucky enough to hear Troy Duster speak on this  almost 15 years agi — and have never forgotten..
          A true genius for social justice — like his grandma :)

        • KayWhitlock

          nancy a heitzeg KayWhitlock Ida B. Wells.  Imagine sitting at that grandma’s feet and hearing stories about “what it was like then…”