This article is eye opening that these errors are still going on currently. As I read this it made me think back to Sister Helen Prejean's book The Death of Innocents and how these cases like Dobie's and O'Dells are not just one of a few, rather many. I hope one day our society can stop with the racial prejudice in the criminal justice system and our society, but based on articles like this it may be awhile.

Also, I clicked on the Kimani Gray link, I cannot believe the reports statistic that "Every 28 hours in 2012 someone employed or protected by the US government killed a black man, woman, or child!" ...That statistic is astonishing! 

nancy a heitzeg
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worth the watch -- but this is no isolated incident or historical artifact..See NYPD stop and Frisk.. See Kimani Gray.. More..

Someday someone with the clout of a Ken Burns needs to tell the collective tale of systemic racism in the right now..