• NevilleRoss

    Why would anybody care about Assata Shakur now? Obama didn’t even bother to talk about her when he reopened relations with Cuba this year (2015). The state of New Jersey should focus on other things besides her, as should the FBI.

  • kjirik

    Looking at the Most wanted list and seeing her name on the same list with so many other terrorist it quickly becomes apparent that her name does not deserve to be their. Its unfortunate that some people are so afraid of change that they let fear and hate control their actions. Despite the evidence that proved Assata Shakur was never able to fire the fatal shot that killed the state trooper.

  • Thank you for this! 
    I’m so glad that the state of New Jersey and the federal government feel that the state (and the country) are doing oh-so-well that they can wave around $2 million to entice the slave catchers, I mean, um, bounty hunters to kidnap Assata. I mean, their schools are top-notch, their health care system is impeccable, everyone has access to safe and affordable housing, no one goes hungry…

  • Excellent piece Kay for those of us who are learning the historical context of all of this for the first time — thank you!

    • KayWhitlock

      Seeta Thank you, Seeta, for the CMP blog and opportunity to write about this. 
      It’s also true that this is giving us a strange but perhaps important opportunity to help tell the stories of COINTELPRO and the government’s effort to destroy people of color, anti-poverty, and other justice/freedom struggles in the 1960s and 1970s.

      • KayWhitlock Seeta Thanks to both you and Nancy for gracing CMP!  So many of us are learning about Assata for the first time — it is an opportunity to educate about the movements of the 60s and 70s and the political persecution that followed.

    • Seeta yes
       the New Jim Crow and the New COINTELPRO
      everybody needs to know the past and present of both, as well as the connections

  • KayWhitlock

    Very important that we let people know the real Assata Shakur story.  
    Be sure to see Prison Culture blog’s call for Assata Shakur teach-ins, 2 – 9 June!

    • KayWhitlock Yes it is ! Thank so much Kay — this is a crucial piece