• In other Florida new Elmer Carroll executed:

    “Carroll’s attorneys filed http://www.floridasupremecourt.org/pub_info/summaries/briefs/13/13-738/Filed_05-08-2013_Initial_Brief.pdf to stop the execution, arguing that:
    1) he was mentally ill,
    2) that the nature of Florida’s death penalty was unconstitutional under the 8th amendment,
    3) that his execution would be
    unconstitutional under the 8th amendment because of the “inordinate
    length of time that Mr. Carroll has spend on death row” and
    4) that his clemency process was applied in “an arbitrary and capricious manner.”

  • KayWhitlock

    This is fascinating.  I’m intrigued with Griffith’s suggestions about popular media.
    And yes, yes, yes to his discussion of neighbors – and our responsibility to help ensure the humane, dignified efforts necessary to help prisoners with emotional trauma histories of economic violence increase their chances of successfully re-entering communities.  

    Thanks, Shaw Griffith and thanks, Angola 3 News.

    • KayWhitlock yes media is much of the problem – fears stereotypes mis/disinformation..
      Deconstructing that mess is a key piece of the solution..

  • This — especially this —
     “Society should understand that 95% of prisoners will one day become
    their neighbors. Worsening people’s emotional trauma in this manner does
    nothing to increase these prisoners’ chances of becoming a productive,
    empathic citizen and neighbor.”

    • KayWhitlock

      nancy a heitzeg Exactly.

  • Thanks to Shawn Griffith for this important book and Angola 3 News for the interview..
    We need to hear more from the formerly and currently incarcerated — crucial voices

    • KayWhitlock

      nancy a heitzeg Amen.