• Domino14 thank you — i agree

  • Domino14

    Innocent lives stolen and thrown into cages :(
    Thanks for reposting Nancy
    This is a horrible horrible injustice(?) …    ..well….   in this case injustice does not seem strong enough a word..   it is so incredibly wrong what they have done to these men..
    I wish all the best to Herman..  whatever that may be..

  • KayWhitlock nancy a heitzeg hardly ever.,time has a way of undoing even the clearest verdict

  • KayWhitlockAmen Kay

    the only real legacy is lasting change

  • KayWhitlock

    nancy a heitzeg Do police ever stay convicted?

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Nancy, and thank Angola 3 News for always being on the beat.  Thanks to Amnesty for their ongoing efforts.
    My prayers are with Herman Wallace now.  They are also with Albert Woodfox.  And with Brent Miller’s family.  All are entitled to real justice.  None of them have received it.

    As for Angola’s warden  – I am not holding my breath.  Has that man ever done one thing that was truly compassionate?
    Finally, I struggle mightily with the Congressional medal for the 4 children of Birmingham Sunday.  What utter hypocrisy.  The true legacy should be a renewed determination to fight like hell for civil rights – including voting rights and the abolition of the prison industrial complex.  I have no medals to bestow, but I have the rest of my life in which to fight like hell.

  • in other sad news out of Louisiana, Judge Throws Out Officers’ Convictions in Killings After Hurricane Katrina http://t.co/KN151vWDDq

  • I will always be grateful to @jackiesumell for http://hermanshousethefilm.com/man dfor helping Wallace be a little more free
    Incredible documentary — see it if you can