Troy Anthony Davis (10/9/1968 – 9/21/2011)

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troy davis

Two years after Troy Davis’ execution, our fight to end the death penalty lives

On 21 September 2011, the state of Georgia killed Troy Anthony Davis as the world looked on, aghast that Georgia was proceeding with the execution, overlooking a mountain of evidence that pointed towards Troy’s innocence…

In our new book I Am Troy Davis, we highlight the risk of executing an innocent person and underscore the hidden price that so many people pay with each and every execution. Told from the perspective of Troy and his family, we reveal the impact that capital punishment has, not just on the condemned prisoner, but on his family, his friends, and even the guards and prison officials whose job it is to take part in these state-sanctioned (and highly-scripted) killings. We expose Troy’s dignity and humanity, juxtaposed against the inhumanity of the death penalty.

In the two years since Troy’s controversial execution, we have made significant strides towards ending the broken death penalty system in the United States

We believe many of the achievements in the fight to abolish the death penalty were inspired by Troy and the global fight to prevent his execution, yet more critical work remains to be done. We will continue to fight this fight, in Troy Davis‘ name.

  “I Am Troy Davis”: Supporters, Family of Georgian Man Executed in 2011 Push to End Death Penalty


This still blows my mind...

Troy's execution was so wrong..     it is not right that these "people" have the power to do that..

Abolition all the way.