• On Grassroots Leadership 2002

  • KayWhitlock

    nancy a heitzeg I love this bench.  Kudos to your brother.

  • Similar thoughts from POTUS on the re-opening of the government last week
    “We hear all the time about how government is the problem.  Well, it
    turns out we rely on it in a whole lot of ways.  Not only does it keep us
    strong through our military and our law enforcement, it plays a vital role in
    caring for our seniors and our veterans, educating our kids, making sure our
    workers are trained for the jobs that are being created, arming our businesses
    with the best science and technology so they can compete with companies from
    other countries.  It plays a key role in keeping our food and our toys and
    our workplaces safe.  It helps folks rebuild after a storm.  It
    conserves our natural resources.  It finances startups.  It helps to
    sell our products overseas.  It provides security to our diplomats
    So let’s work together to make government work better, instead of treating
    it like an enemy or purposely making it work worse.  That’s not what the
    founders of this nation envisioned when they gave us the gift of
    self-government.  You don’t like a particular policy or a particular
    president, then argue for your position.  Go out there and win an
    election.  Push to change it. But don’t break it.  Don’t break what
    our predecessors spent over two centuries building.  That’s not being
    faithful to what this country is about.
    And that brings me to one last point.  I’ve got a simple message for
    all the dedicated and patriotic federal workers who’ve either worked without
    pay or been forced off the job without pay these past few weeks, including most
    of my own staff: Thank you.  Thanks for your service.  Welcome
    back.  What you do is important.  It matters.
    You defend our country overseas.  You deliver benefits to our troops
    who’ve earned them when they come home.  You guard our borders.  You
    protect our civil rights.  You help businesses grow and gain footholds in
    overseas markets.  You protect the air we breathe and the water our
    children drink.  And you push the boundaries of science and space, and you
    guide hundreds of thousands of people each day through the glories of this
    country. Thank you.  What you do is important.  And don’t let anybody
    else tell you different.  Especially the young people who come to this
    city to serve — believe that it matters.  Well, you know what, you’re
    right.  It does.”

  • 10 years later, Myhttp://news.minnesota.publicradio.org/features/2003/10/23_zdechlikm_memorials/ is still there. Passersby have taken to leaving $$, which is then collected and donated to Wellstone Action.. Headed there righ nowt..