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  • ScottieThomastonthe 2% number is kinda of shocking to me — so few counties responsible for so much

  • ScottieThomastonnancy a heitzeg ha!! Older and wiser Scottie – that is all :)

    here is the link to ogeltree — very law heavy i think you’ll like it


  • ScottieThomaston

    nancy a heitzegScottieThomastonI’ll try to look for that! I’ve been actually reading a lot more since I discovered that there are now a lot of books available to read online from Amazon. Easier for me to finish a book really quickly online. 

    Glad to hear you’re good! Definitely looking forward to 2014, although I’ll be 30.. and that’s kind of freaking me out.

  • ScottieThomastonnancy a heitzeg
    i’m good — i should be grading papers but.. :) made it to the end of the semester/year..look forward to 2014.!

    i think the issue in the south has always been race and the legacy of slavery– i always think of the title of Ogletree’s book From Lynch Mobs to the Killing State..

    what it is..:/

  • ScottieThomaston

    nancy a heitzegScottieThomastonI don’t understand what it is about the south that makes people here so intent on being authoritarian on crime issues. It seems counter-intuitive to the whole “government is bad” view the south normally takes. But I never understood anyone here, so that’s not new.

    And hey! Really good to see you too. Glad I was actually awake this time – I’d been sleeping during the day and missing the conversation here. I’m doing okay I guess, nothing new’s really going on but that can be good news. How are you?

  • ScottieThomastonhey scottie — yes.. seems to be slowing down, but the old south and the rustbelt remaoin troublesome

    good to see — how have you been?

  • ScottieThomaston

    I’m rather surprised that my state doesn’t look WORSE on the map (not that it’s particularly great.)