Yes, perfect.

Great way to start the new year - thank you Nancy, as always.

Bob Phillips
Bob Phillips

A "bold" 2014 indeed, Kay! I was just sitting here, wanting to extend greetings to you and Nancy for the New Year, just not feeling it for the traditional "Happy" stuff. Happy it ain't, or likely to be. But bold, yes, that's good, maybe even "audacious!"

My feeling is that neither of you will have difficulty embodying that, so, a bold and audacious New Year to you both!


Thanks, Nancy.  It's hard not to be almost entirely reactive to the never-ending onslaught of political viciousness and systemic racism that characterize the present moment.  But we must break free of the cycle of reactivity, and it will require the boldest, most disruptive forms of imagination we have to do so.  Movement building and grassroots organizing are essential, and bold imagination can help to fuel them.

And thank you for making the links between the earth, the ecologies, the intersections at the level of species.  Essential.

Here's to a bold 2014.

nancy a heitzeg
nancy a heitzeg moderator

@Bob Phillips Thank you Bob! :) Audacious it will be.. Here is to more of that in Bold Bad 2014. 

Great to see you as always comrade.