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  • naheitzeg

    princss6 thank you – always

  • Domino14 Me too! thanks for stopping Domino — hope all is well with you

  • Domino14

    Really love that last line..  
    thanks for posting Nancy, as always.

  • ScottieThomaston KayWhitlock The  moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice

  • KayWhitlock

    ScottieThomaston KayWhitlockI grieve.  I fall apart,  My heart is broken again and again.  But for some reason – possibly neurosis? – I never feel anything is hopeless.  Although I also don’t ever count on things happening as or when I want them to.  I believe I may never live to see some of the changes I’m working for.

    I believe I cannot yet comprehend some of the changes that are needed, so I help till the soil for future generations to make those choices.
    And every once in a while, I get to see change in real time – as when the farmworkers first began to get union contracts.
    I believe every struggle is forever unfinished, but that doesn’t discourage me, because forms of injustice and violence like racism and transphobia and misogyny and ableism  and economic violence evolve, according to shifting social and economic and political conditions.  They don’t remain static.  But they also don’t go away because of this or that victory.  Which is to say:  they don’t go away YET.  That is why we continue to struggle.

    Glad you’re out there tilling the soil, too, Scottie.

  • ScottieThomaston

    nancy a heitzeg ScottieThomastonThis is why I always find it comforting that everything is always changing. :)

  • ScottieThomaston

    KayWhitlock ScottieThomastonI guess I do both – not really sure if that even makes sense. I mean I despair probably more than anyone I know about things, BUT I don’t think I’m/we’re powerless to do anything just because the circumstances are bad. It definitely matters what we do.

  • ScottieThomaston great to see you Scottie! yes in times like these, i always come back to this. Because it is Optimistic. And it is True

  • KayWhitlock

    ScottieThomaston Good to see you, too, Scottie.  I refuse myself the luxury of despair.  In the most seemingly terrible times, something astonishing sometimes happens, and it is never possible to point to only one thing that made this astonishing and good thing happen.  So we must all do what we can, knowing that in some mysterious, ineffable way, it matters.

  • ScottieThomaston

    Wow, I can relate to this a lot, especially the opening paragraphs of the essay. I don’t have an especially positive view of people, but it is obvious that everything always changes. And it doesn’t make sense to sit on the sidelines knowing this. I guess that’s where I’m coming from.

    This is great. And hey Nancy and Kay! Really good to see both of you.

  • KayWhitlock

    Thank you, Nancy.  And thank you, Howard Zinn, always – and especially for this.

  • love howard zinn and always will
    Can’t be neutral on a moving train