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    The ‘Mugshot Industry” shames people, then perpetuates
    demanding $400 per site for removal of mugshots they picked up for free,
    this is online extortion, libel, slander and defamation, ruining
    lives, careers, children’s support for both the innocently accused as well as
    those already having “paid their debt” to society.
    the “Domestic Violence Industry”
    and the “Mugshot Industry” permit repeated a repeatable “MODERN DAY
    to manipulate and falsely accusing anyone, any time, based on NO
    evidence, and a false accusation alone – the arrest is made as
    “pre-crime” on the guise that “violence MIGHT escalate”? Because someone
    “MIGHT” steal a stapler, should we arrest them?
    Over 700,000 hits on my otherwise stellar 20+ year career, and good
    name “Barton James Christner”? For years I was proud to boast, countless
    thousands of online pages, representing nearly 800 projects, several
    hundred articles published, dozens of achievement awards, speaking,
    teaching and training engagements, and countless mention on websites of
    two decades good deeds, youth work, service to community and
    non-profits… yet how do the mugshot sites ALWAYS appear on a Search Engines? I am innocent, proven innocent, filed as “NO INFO”
    meaning “SHE LIED”. I have video. I have absolute 911 call/transcript. I
    have a woman whom maliciously was found to have perjured herself on
    several instances. I am Innocent. Proven. Yet would you hire an innocent
    teacher having to explain a MUGSHOT on Google’s pages while searching
    their name? I WOULDN’T EITHER. Sites like MUGSHOTS.COM and others are
    RUINING LIVES, DESTROYING CAREERS, preventing children from getting
    their financial support, it’s bankrupting innocent as well as those who
    “paid their debt to society”… and it’s NOT a public service if anyone
    can monetize my image at over $400 to take down these supposedly public domain, “free” pictures. 
    Isn’t my likeness my “right of publicity” and my intellectual property?
    Not to mention the defamation and slander among family, colleagues
    politically aligned, caused by many, many simultaneous third party
    sites re-posting one moment in time?

    What HR employee, if they
    Googled a job candidate’s name and immediately saw a MUGSHOT online,
    would NOT take that person’s resume and TOSS IT IN THE TRASH, even if
    they were arrested, yet found completely INNOCENT? This would happen
    BEFORE any exonerating background, criminal, or credit check needed ….
    what hiring manager would risk their own job, desiring to explain away
    “that new hire with an online MUGSHOT”? 
    Look at Mike Haywood, Pitt
    University’s nine day coach! It took me over five years to earn an
    advanced terminal MFA degree, costing tens of thousands in student loans.
    With mugshot websites on Google’s/Bing’s pages, I’ll likely never get to
    use that advanced degree in an academic institution ever again. And the
    law says I MUST pay child support … but without the job… my children
    go without!!!

    May 10, 2011 Restaurant security video captured an inebriated,
    disorderly Pam ela K. Geldart smashing a laptop and DSLR cameras (worth
    thousands) then punching Barton Christner three times to the left side
    of his head while he sat calmly on a bench. Deputy Roberts refused to
    arrest Ms. Geldart for striking Mr. Christner, but did charge Ms.
    Geldart with Criminal Mischief (Putnam County Case#: 11-3499). She was
    advised to purchase a $2300 MacBook Pro replacement and did so on May
    11, at Best Buy (This action later used in exchange for her charges being dropped). BUT angry she had to spend the $2300, and replace the laptop,
    May 12, 2011 Ms. Geldart drunk, retaliated by dialing 911, first lying
    to the dispatcher, “a couple nights ago he charged me…. he says I hit
    him, when really he hits me” stating on the 911 call she had “no
    injury”, was “not in a fight”, and sold her lie further, stating “I want
    an officer here to see I’m 94 pounds, he’s 220… I couldn’t possibly hit
    him…. he hits me” and when asked by the dispatcher, why there was an
    argument, she slurred, “quite frankly I cannot recollect”. She further
    exaggerated her lies to the dispatcher, stating windows were broken, her
    car was keyed, she was thrown, pushed, hit, and “had filed 5-6 previous
    charges” against Mr. Christner. Arriving officers refused to give her a
    breathalyzer despite Mr. Christner’s request. Officers found NONE of
    her false allegations to be true, yet cited “zero tolerance” Domestic
    Battery laws, and arrested Mr. Christner simply in their words, “because
    she called 911” (Volusia Court Case: 110-821MMAES). Six weeks later,
    State’s Attorney Diaz finally scheduled his first review of Ms.
    Geldart’s 911 transcripts, the restaurant video, and immediately
    assigned “NO INFO” and DISMISSED EVERYTHING. Within those 6 weeks,
    awaiting the system to review the case, Mr. Christner had wrongfully
    spent 24 hours in jail, had received a 30 days “no contact” order on his
    public record, spent $5000 in defense fees, was required due this type
    of charge to undertake weekly drug testing on-site at a county detention
    center, meet for humiliating weekly “check-ins” with a probation
    officer, discovered dozens “mugshot industry” websites can post any
    false arrest 3am mugshot and each LEGALLY can extort $400 per site to
    remove the photo? A once stellar career, previous Partner in an
    international firm, and terminally degreed Digital Media and
    Photography, Professor Christner’s last day of employment as Professor
    at Daytona State, not coincidentally was May 13th, 2011. It was later
    learned, her prior husband, Mr. James Geldart had filed a restraining
    order against her, but later found himself arrested for Domestic Battery
    July 8, 2009. Ms. Geldart has more than once, with numerous men,
    maliciously and vindictively used retaliatory lies, yet with each false
    accusation, she knows her name and her legal file (by law) remain
    sealed, she receives free “battered woman” victim services, yet NO
    FURTHER legal consequence or reprimand?

  • KayWhitlock thank you ksy

    yes  i have to say that the level of ruthless profiteering off present in
    these criminal background check/on-line mugshot scams  was shocking even
    for me

  • KayWhitlock

    This is despicable.  Thanks for a powerful piece.

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