• jacyyang

    Wow. Eyes on the Prize (VI) –  Bridge to Freedom was a powerful clip/documentary. The whole time I was watching the documentary, I couldn’t help but to think about Black Lives Matter. With everything that is going on, I have to admit that I find myself to be very afraid to partake in the Black Lives Matter movement. I am scared of getting arrested and getting my financial aid taken away. I am scared of getting hit by on-going cars who are angry at the movement. I am scared of what my parents would think of me because they have come from a war-torn country. Everyday, it bothers me that I am choosing to not partake in the movements that are going on today because I can stay in my safe circle. Does this make me a bad person–someone who cares and is updating herself on the situation but chooses to not partake in the movement? I feel so guilty that I can say that I care and that this bothers me, but turn around and say, “Oh, I’ve got homework to do”. After watching the documentary, it made me feel a little bit better because the those who marched and protested were also scared. It does not justify me to continue to stay in my safe zone, but I think I need a conversation with someone who can motivate me to join and not let my fears consume me.