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  • MagieBaumgartner

    I’d like to think that the honorable police would be grateful to have the burden of enforcing such frivolous statutes taken off their backs so that they could better engage themselves with the community. I can imagine a day when a patrol car drives slowly past a group of your Black men and waves warmly instead of questioning their intentions and challenging their right to assemble in a public place. 
    If police ARE going to enforce low level offenses, I would like them to focus on leash laws and laws surrounding picking up after pets. The majority of the people who would be getting fined would be the old white people who are calling the police to report someone “lurking”, or lying in wait, concealed with the intent to commit a crime. I can tell you I find it much more of a threat to my existence when my three year old tracks dog poop into my house than when 8 youths gather on my corner or hang out in the park across the street from my home. 
    I would suggest that there is a need for a sort of police out reach program that could help to encourage and educate the “witnesses or victims” of said “lurkers” on how to approach and de-escalate the situation instead of wasting precious police time, and tax payer money on the responding to and filing of reports against low level offenders.

  • thanks pattrice jones the time has come

  • naheitzeg

    nvlevy BlackLivesMpls thank you!

  • KayWhitlock

    Thanks for this, Nancy.  And how absolutely fascinating that our marvelous “bipartisan criminal justice” reform coalitions have zip to say about racial profiling in policing and prosecution – and nothing about these low-level offenses.  Hypocrisy.  Smoke and Mirrors.

  • pattrice jones

    I’m glad to know about this campaign. During the couple of years I lived in Minneapolis, I twice witnessed racially biased policing and another time witnessed excessive force. On all three occasions, the police then threatened ME, once for simply writing in my notebook while observing them.

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  • the full MPD Report is below.. It is a data presentation fail which front-loaded fear, shifting color-codes on the graphs and an emphasis on how little these laws are enforced.. All the more trouble..