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    OLAASM KayJWhitlock Thank you as always! <3

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    naheitzeg OLAASM KayJWhitlock Yes, reforms are all about efficiency. No structural change there.

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    See also the series. Smoke and Mirrors: Inside the New ”Bipartisan Prison Reform” Agenda https://shar.es/1vpdAV via truthout #cjreform

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    “The new wave of ‘bipartisan reform’ helps carry us seamlessly into a neoliberal future.” -KayJWhitlock http://criticalmassprogress.com/2015/08/26/ci-metaphysics-imagination-and-policeprison-reform/#sthash.Gz08ZC8F.RINzgg1a.dpuf #prison

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    critcrim naheitzeg Thank you for all you do.

  • KayWhitlock me either Kay.. but that is the sort of ‘propoisals we are being fed — under the guise of movement


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    naheitzeg KayJWhitlock Thank you for writing this and putting it out. #endthePIC

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    critcrim KayJWhitlock thank you!

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    KayJWhitlock ShareThis naheitzeg Excellent piece. Exactly the sort of clear, solid analysis that is so much needed right now. #endthePIC

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    I don’t want a neoliberal future, friends, and I’m betting you don’t, either. But that’s exactly what “smart on crime” proposes to give us.