• JessicaSlagle

    As I mentioned in a previous comment, it is extremely sad to see the injustice that was given to these young men of color. It still baffles me that even with evidence right in front of us, the police have the ability to lie their way out of something, and the criminal justice system finds a way to tuck it under the rug as if it is nothing. This reminded me of the Central Park Five, watching the police basically tell one young black man to just tell the story a certain way (even though NONE of it happened). Watching this unjust act happen right in front of our eyes, and then them actually getting away with it… All that I was left with is HOW. How are all of these issues continuously happening in our criminal justice system yet the only people being punished seem to be young black men, like Jamar Clark. They do not deserve to be remembered this way, my deepest sympathy goes out to the individuals and families that have been treated with such unfairness.

  • Rest in Power. All