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  • MackenzieLopp

    As a public health major, I found this article extremely interesting and also infuriating. Criminalizing homelessness is wrong, and there needs to be work done to prevent homelessness, not criminalize it. If lawmakers and other groups that want to criminalize homelessness would put their efforts to preventing it, or helping the homeless, the homeless “epidemic” would greatly reduce, and the homeless individuals would be getting help, instead of shamed, and worked against. I think there also needs to be reform done on welfare, and SNAP benefits (food stamps). People who think that individuals that are receiving these benefits when they don’t need them, are making it harder for the ones who actually need them, to get them. In my opinion, anyone who thinks they need these benefits, and qualify for them, should be able to receive them, no questions asked.

  • Carole

    A new book came out here (UK) recently, “The Welfare Trait” by one Adam Perkins. It tries to sell “welfare dependency” in a pathologised way, as either a personality disorder or (and) a case of epigenetics. Right wing think tanks are enthusing over it. Nasty political ideas tend to cross the Atlantic, there to here, here to there, so the following couple of articles on it may be of interest:

  • KayWhitlock

    Thanks, Nancy. Horrific but essential to know so we know what we’re really fighting. And who will/won’t fight the deep fight with us.