• JessicaSlagle

    “some Blacks intentionally engage in harmful behaviors and intentionally go into harmful or criminogenic environments for the purpose of being harmed, critically injured, or killed.”

    This quote stood out to me the most in this article, and it allowed me to learn once again the harsh reality and separation in our society. White people express their violence, self harm, and desperation, and are seen as needing medicine and to be helped. It is very angering to learn that if a black person were to express these same things, they are then viewed as a criminal who needs to be put behind bars. To me that sound like a horrifying and beyond unfair double standard. I also was not aware that African Americans have a lower suicide rate, I am curious as to why that is. Also, I am curious as to why suicide rates for African Americans have been rising in recent years? Overall, this article was very disheartening to read the harsh realities in our society, yet it was very interesting and learning about these issues are extremely important.

  • BrookeSoller

    I thought this article was really interesting. It started off with a really interesting fact that I did not know about: the fact that African Americans have a lower suicide rate. It also talked about how there is a common belief in Black/African American cultures that certain cultures around are void of mental health conditions, self-harming behaviors, and suicide. I had never heard of this before. It really made me think about how you would treat African Americans suffering from these mental diseases if they do not believe in them. You wouldn’t be able to just give them some kind of medication. I feel like therapy would be the best option. Another thing mentioned was finding a balance between challenging the myths and still respecting the different cultures. Some cultures are handed down generation to generation and it would not be easy to challenge something that someone has believed their entire life as well as their ancestors before them. The last thing talked about was the medicalization of whites. Whites are more likely to be sent to a mental institution instead of being charged with a severe crime, or put on ADHD medication in school instead of getting in trouble for poor behavior. This may also be a factor contributing to the belief. Overall this was a very interesting article for me that really got me thinking.