• JessicaSlagle

    While taking my American Criminal Justice class, Nancy talked to us about the school to prison pipeline. I had not heard much about it before her class, but I’m grateful that I learned about it, it is extremely interesting and very sad to hear about. I like that this book contains viable options to dismantle this systemic racism, as well as informs individuals of this major issue. It seems as if many people are unaware towards these types of issues. I think the school to prison pipeline is something that needs to be changed as it is a huge yet unrecognized issue within our society. These youths of color do not deserve to be set up for failure, but rather deserve to be set up for success.

  • BrookeSoller

    I first heard about the school to prison pipeline my third year of college in my Human Behavior in the Social Environment class. I enjoyed learning about it and thought it was a very interesting theory/idea. Medicalizing white youth is something that I hadn’t heard a lot about until this year but putting some thought into it it really makes sense, and is something I can recall from my early school years. I agree with the statement that the school to prison pipeline is a very important topic. I also think it is something that all educators need to be highly aware of. They need to know the consequences of giving up on students and not doing everything they can to prevent students from dropping out of school, ending up in the streets, and eventually ending up in prison. I also think zero tolerance policies need to be removed from schools. These kids need help and they need guidance, they do not need someone telling them they are worthless and giving up on them.