What is Critical Mass Progress?

Critical Mass Progress is a news site and community action-oriented resource which seeks to catalyze a sustainable progressive movement through a combination of both boots-on-the-street mobilization and online organizing. In light of the collapse of journalistic integrity among mainstream media outlets and the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, effective messaging, information sharing, and mobilizing have never been more vital.

Applying an intersectional framework that centers collectively on race, class, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability and other markers of difference, Critical Mass Progress aims to build a multi-racial and multi-issue coalition in order to create systemic, transformational change.

The idea behind Critical Mass Progress is simple: without building a critical mass around core principles, there can be no paradigm shift. Building community is key to liberation. Part of community building is having a set of shared values, priorities, and responsibilities. Thus, CMP has identified core principles that guide our activism. Further additions and suggestions to help our principles of unity to evolve are welcome.

Critical Mass Progress catalogues a spectrum of inter-linked socio-economic and political issues and action-oriented news. In the interest of maintaining sanity, a sense of humor will also be featured.

Who Writes for CMP?

Seeta Persaud posts a variety of news pieces. Occasionally, when time permits and the muse strikes, Seeta also writes and publishes hybrid fact sheets, editorials, and action items (e.g., The Theft of Wealth from People of Color; Man-made Famine; 10 Yrs Later, Decline & Round-up; HWE and Remedial Action; Welfare Reform Turns 15; On Gratitude, Politics, Staying Sane and Human Consciousness; etc.).

Nancy A. Heitzeg is the Managing Editor and Writer of the Criminal Injustice series, which is published every Wednesday at 6pm CST. Kay Whitlock is also an Editor of the Criminal Injustice series.

Our beloved community member “Robinswing” is no longer with us but she was the Managing Editor and Writer for SistahSpeak. Her contributions to CMP remain as a tribute and celebration of her poetic writings.

If you are interested in writing for CMP or would like to submit a news or action item, email me.

What is the Criminal Injustice series?

CMP is honored and humbled to host the Criminal Injustice series. The Criminal Injustice series aims to raise consciousness regarding the inequities in the criminal justice system and is published every Wednesday at 6pm CST. Nancy A. Heitzeg and Kay Whitlock are the Editors of CI. Please be sure to visit us Wednesday evenings to participate during the [asynchronous] online discussion in the comment thread facilitated by Nancy Heitzeg and Kay Whitlock. Various writers addressing issues prevalent in the prison industrial complex are featured each week.

What is SistahSpeak?

Sistahspeak is a series written by the venerable Robinswing. CMP is humbled, honored and proud to have Robinswing’s voice and clarion calls for action here. While Robinswing is no longer with us in the corporeal world, we miss her greatly and her writings remain available to the public as a celebration of her work and powerful voice.

Principles, Priorities and Responsibilities

Critical Mass Progress is guided by core foundational principles:

  1. We promote community and respect over ego. Building a cross-cultural community to share resources and knowledge is key to liberation.
  2. We believe and support the central tenets laid out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, including the right to housing, education, the right to a decent living wage, and health care.
  3. We oppose institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, heterosexism, nativism, cisgenderism, and ableism.
  4. We oppose state violence including political and economic violence in the form of discriminatory practices by banks, the reduction of social benefit programs, de-regulation of the banking industry, and the prioritization of banks over people.
  5. We oppose an economic system based on scarcity, the myth of individualism and meritocracy, corporate socialism, oligarchy, and exploited labor.
  6. We promote an economic system based on building community and abundance.
  7. We oppose the prison industrial complex and promote restorative justice alternatives to it.
  8. We support the Second Amendment right to bear arms.
  9. We promote civic participation through the electoral process, political blogging, and community organizing. We promote a welcoming environment for communities of color, both young and old.
  10. We oppose hierarchical bureaucratic governmental structures and seek alternatives to it.
  11. We believe anti-racist activism must be practiced in everyday contexts.
  12. We promote the sharing of information and resources through the open source and copyleft movement.
  13. We promote putting these core principles into practice in our daily living experiences.

CMP’s “Principles, Priorities and Responsibilities” is always evolving. If you have any suggestions for our growing list, please share them in the comment section.

About Seeta Persaud, Writer, Lawyer, and Photographer

Seeta Persaud Seeta is a licensed New York State attorney with a background in human rights law, policy advocacy, organizing, and new media messaging. A graduate of the City University of New York School of Law and NYU Wagner School of Public Service, her litigation and advocacy experience has centered on labor and employment discrimination claims, including Title VII, FLSA, FMLA, and Section 1981 claims; civil rights claims including excessive force claims under Section 1983; mortgage foreclosure defense; and discrimination against formerly incarcerated individuals in the workplace. Seeta humbly founded Critical Mass Progress in August 2011 with the aim of building a community information resource exchange for like-minded activists who share in the struggle and seek to create sustainable change. Seeta hopes CMP will rise to the occasion.

Personal Background
Seeta emigrated with her [then-19-year-old] mother on Pan-American Airlines to Brighton Beach, Brooklyn from Demerara, Guyana in 1979. Not too long thereafter, they moved to Astoria, Queens, where Seeta spent the majority of her childhood and formative years. Seeta became a naturalized U.S. citizen in the 1980s. The eldest child of an immigrant, working class, Indo-Caribbean family, Seeta is not only a first generation high school and college graduate, but she also went on to earn advanced degrees at the masters and doctorate level.

By centering on the intersections of race, gender, class, disability, immigration status, and sexuality, Seeta aims to combine her background in policy, law, and organizing to achieve social justice outcomes across an array of inter-linked socio-economic and political issues.

Nature photography keeps Seeta sane and centered. You can find her work here. Seeta is also in the process of completing Cornell’s Master Naturalist Program with the hope that she can use and apply her knowledge to raise conservation consciousness.

Thanks for visiting. Critical Mass Progress looks forward to collaborating with you in order to transform the current unsustainable and inequitable system.


  • energon1

    “transform the current unsustainable and inequitable system.” with the most potent, political, Non Violent Direct Action never imagined possible. One able to advance peace, justice, change and progress and which the modern corporate/national security, surveillance state can neither stop nor interfere with. For those able to get their head around it, more at http://www.energon.org.uk

  • Bob

    @Roberto I noticed the same thing. Is it a misprint? I’m against guns, period! It’s a no-brainer.

  • Roberto

    Supporting  the right to bear arms? . It was a good amendment in the context it was enacted, but It is such a rightwing position nowadays. Where is your Critical aspect of your position?