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  • Your trusted website covering social issues is in the best position to provide insight on the status of Black Americans in the area of health insurance as depicted in this infographic: The picture isn’t pretty. In fact, it’s very alarming! • There is an increase in the number of people who cannot afford medical coverage • The percentage of African Americans expected to live in good health is way below White Americans and even Hispanics • Roughly half of African Americans have no health insurance • More elderly African Americans will require care Will Obamacare improve the health insurance situation of Black Americans? This was the question running through my mind as I pieced together data from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the US Census Bureau. Perhaps you can provide a better answer because from where I sit things don’t look good for the African American community. There are a number of infographics on health insurance available online, but none focusing on African Americans. I’m sharing with you an exclusive preview (we haven’t published it officially yet). If you’re planning to use the infographic, kindly inform me so I can provide you a link to the version without watermarks. I’m sure your readers will appreciate your commentary on this very important issue. Sincerely, Alex Hillsberg Web Journalist

  • Nibbler

    HI, I’m wondering if your eco-justice section includes animal rights?  It’s curious I don’t see it listed as it is related in every way.  Amazing site, thank you!