Poll Shows Voters Expect, And Want, Gun Laws

January 15, 2013 By: seeta Category: Anti-Racism, Civil Rights, Economic Terrorism, White Privilege

From The Hill:

In The Hill Poll, 49 percent of voters asserted that current gun laws are too lax, against 35 percent who said they were about right. The gun laws were judged to be too strict by 11 percent of voters.

A striking consensus was evident around the belief that Obama and Congress would come together to make the current laws pertaining to firearms more rigorous. Asked to set aside their personal opinions about the desirability of such a change, a full 64 percent of voters asserted that action was very likely or somewhat likely. Only 26 percent said that it was not very likely or not likely at all.

Asked directly about the mass shooting in Connecticut, 47 percent of voters said that it had made them more supportive of tighter gun controls while 32 percent said that it had not altered their views.

[Only] 19 percent — said that the events in Connecticut had made them less supportive of stricter gun laws. In the wake of the tragedy, representatives of the National Rifle Association (NRA) suggested that giving teachers permission to carry firearms might help prevent future atrocities.

NRA for Gun Manufacturers and Profits, Not the 2nd Amendment

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