Disturbing Image of Obama Hanging From Noose on Facebook

August 27, 2012 By: seeta Category: 2012 Election, Anti-Racism, Civil Rights, White Privilege

A disturbing image has been making the rounds on Facebook:

The full image can be found here.

Please report it ASAP.

I understand that FB is refusing to remove the image. Report it to local/national media outlets and to the Secret Service.

You can also sign the petition here.

Will Mitt Romney denounce this image. I doubt it. Sick.

UPDATE: Facebook, after initially refusing to remove the content, has now removed it as of 6:14 PM EDT.

The entity responsible for this reprehensible photo is Weda Peeple LLC. Their facebook page can be found here. Their tag line is “Stopping the secular socialist agenda!” Their listed contact link is:

According to the homepage of their web site, the point of contact for this ostensible veteran’s group is: Mike Cash, Operation Family Fund – Founder & CEO with Dr. Laura Schlessinger.

It is not immediately clear if “Weda Peeple LLC” has any direct or legal affiliation with Operation Family Fund or whether the folk(s) behind Weda Peeple LLC is simply a supporter of this 501c3 organization (which, btw, is prohibited by law from engaging in political activity due to its tax-exempt non-profit status.). It may just be an unfortunate connection. We don’t know.

(Click for larger image)

Whoever is behind this repugnant photo is a spineless coward. That much we do know. So easy to be a tough boy on the internets, hiding behind an alias.

Here is the screenshot confirming FB’s removal of the photo:

(Click for larger image)

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